Power recommendation for Vany2ce-sigs

I've just purchased a pair of Vandersteen 2ce-signatures and I'm looking for input on upgrading pre/power amps. My current equipment consists of Carver C-19 (tubed) pre and TFM-45 (ss 375 wpc) power. I'm currently listen only to CD's via an ARC CD-1.

I don't have any real preference in ss or tubes - I do enjoy the non-fatiguing nature of the current set-up. My listening room is about 12'X16'. I listen at moderate volumes. The Carver equipment is bugging me as it attracts a lot of RF.

Would like to keep total amp expenditures to <$5K.

I mostly listen to blues and jazz, some pop. Might Sam McClain and Keb Mo have been in heavy rotation lately.

Thanks in advance for the input!
A good consideration in the price range you have would be Jeff Rowland Intigraded Amp Pre-Amp. Good power, tube like sound. There is one for sale on this site now. Use the balance of your budget for Cardas Interconnect from you CD Player and Speaker cables. I think you will be very happy with this combination. In the future if you should decide to upgrade your speakers again, the electronics will be ready for most any speaker you may choose. One other point if you should decide you don't like the Jeff Rowland equipment, it is one of the safest investments you can make in audio.

Good listening,

Stealth 93es
Going the solid state route I would highly recommend the Belles 150A Hotrod works very well with Vandies. You should also consider McCormack, the old DNA 0.5 is very good with Vandie, I would guess that the new 125 is good also

Pre-amp wise I would look for a ConradJohnson PV12 or one of the new PV14's. This type of combo will give you many of the benefits of tubed amplification

I a tubed amp is whata you are after, Vandersteen regularly uses Audio Research amp when he demos his speakers.

Just my 2-cents
I've been a Vandersteen owner for about 12 years (started with 2Ci, and worked up to the 3A Signature), and have found that they are generally compatible with most higher quality amps. Richard Vandersteen seems to like using McCormack amps when doing demos at the audio shows, and I have found Bryston amps also work well (you might think abou the 3B-ST if your power requirements are modest, or the 4B-ST if you need more power). I also have regard for the Aragon 8008BB, which is clean, has good dynamics, and mates well with the Vandy 2Ce Sig. You will also find a number of Vandy owners on this site that like tube amps, and will probably get some good suggestions from them.
I agree with those above who recommend McCormack amps-- any of them, as they certainly seem to have a special synergy with Vandersteen speakers. For pre-amps, I like Sonic Frontiers Line 1 or 2 with that combination. Good Hunting. Craig.
I have heard the vandys with a ARC D-400 ss amp it was a outstanding match. Since you have a ARC cd player thats the way id go. The LS3b is a great pre and can be had used very reasonable!
Thanks to those who have responded. Any good recommendations for tube gear? I've been reading some good owner reports on Rogue.

I didn't include specifics on my cables, they are: Audioquest Ruby between pre/power; Transparent The Link-100 from CD to pre; Audioquest Granite (PSC) bi-wire to speakers.
I have owned a Vandy 2ci's for about 7 years. I recently changed from a PS Audio 100c to a BAT VK500. The improvement is not subtle; improved detail, incredible bass extension and great imaging. Very musical without analytical fatigue. I recommend you listen to a VK200 or VK500. The are a great deal used on this site. If you are interested in tube gear you could check out the VK 75SE or VK 60 at the same dealer.

BTW I listen to Jazz and "post rock."