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...just fooling around a bit.....plugged my power amp into a different outlet......boy ...so much better
Washed my car today.........,  Now it drives like a new one!
Out of curiosity what were the two duplex outlet brands?
What was the difference with the AC line, same circit breaker or a differt one and any idea what else they power?
   Maybe the placebo effect?)
I have done the same thing Stringreen. And for anyone that wants to know, I am not going to give out any scientific proof of anything. Only have to please the two things on each side of my melon. They is happy.
I ran new 20 amp, 12 ga lines from the panel to my system.  It did clear up the sound a bit.  YMMV - you might go to all that work and get zero improvement (I did it because the distances weren't long and I was having rewiring done anyway).
Stringreen - 
Not saying there isn't something of a more fundamental nature going on between the two outlets; on the other hand, I wonder if it could be something as mundane as wiping the plug blades via unplugging and plugging back in thereby providing an improved connection?
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When was the last time you cleaned your contacts? People clean so infrequently that sometimes even just the cleaning action of unplugging and plugging cleans things resulting in better sound.

Maybe it just is.  
""" ...just fooling around a bit.....plugged my power amp into a different outlet......boy ...so much better. """""

Just learned about this from Paul McGowan @ PS Audio. If both outlets do not share the same circuit breaker?If one outlet has electronic devices working on the same line they can dirty up the sound. If the better sounding outlet has nothing else sharing that line? It could make it behave like a dedicated line.
That makes sense. If you live in an apartment, like me, what I did was to figure out which breakers went to which outlets and lucked out on finding two in the living room that had their own breaker. It was the first thing I did when I moved in. It's the best I could do under the circumstances and it sure beats sharing it with a fridge or the A/C.

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Want to blow your mind? Some evening after listening a while go and flip off as many breakers as you can, ideally leaving only the stereo circuit on.

You can thank me later.