power protection

i am from Mumbai,India,where the input voltage is 220v,power supply is normal without any outages ,i was thinking of using pure power or b-p-t products or walker conditioner in between wall outlet and audio equipment, as these have been reviewed very positively on 6moons , for future requirements in my new upcoming apartment which will be ready in next one year i am planning dedicated power line from mains for my audio equipment,i would like to know from audiogoners whether i require condioning equipment
I've always benefited from regeneration for sources (PS Audio P-300) and I use a Richard Gray 600 (choke)for everything else. Both of these make marked improvements in sound especially with image and soundstage. I also made large improvements with Oyaide outlets AND their WPC-Z cover. Ironically the outlet that my system plugs into is only 6 feet from the breakerbox and is dedicated.