Power problems

I recently upgraded my amps and speakers and noticed that when I turn up the volume, the lights in the room dim (flicker). I assume that I need to run a dedicated circuit for my system now?? Also, not only do the lights dim, but the music seems to cut out at times, especially when playing vinyl. Is there danger of damaging anything by continuing to use the system?
Ouch, that sounds really, really bad. Yea install some dedicated circuits ASAP.

Damage- Unsure but I assume you amp is running out of juice and is most likely "soft" clipping your speakers.

Yep, time to add some dedicated power. The sooner the better!
I hope you mean only when it's PLAYING, and not just when adjusting the gain?! If the latter there could be a serious problem with the power supply of your amp, too. If you mean during musical peaks, yup, it's an overload condition. RSVP re dedicated lines. Ern
usually a dead give away that your drawing to much juice is that your breaker trips. I have had problems in the past with things acting quirky due to voltage drop on the circuit. That is to say that the load on the circuit is causing the voltage to drop to low without spiking the amps enough to trip the breaker.

I noticed my problems went away when I ran an extension cord from another circuit in my house over to my gear and plugged a couple things into that circuit.

After the addition of a sub-panel with six dedicated 20-amp circuits the problem never popped up again
Um, you really need to get a licensed electrician to as-build your wiring system. No mention of: the age of the dwelling, or what your current service rating is.

I'd start by having a utility tech come out and take a look at the service plus the branch circuit distribution panelboard and give you a description. This should be a freebie.

For a free guess, I'd say: knob-'n-tube wiring, 50A service, 70-80 yr old dwelling.