Power port, Venom, Watt Gate, or What?

As I have apparently overcome my resentment/reticence for power cords, being significant additions in a stereo system, recently, my question is "Are the rumors/statements regarding the notion of significant gains being realized by adding some after market outlets, MYTH or MAGIC?

I'm talking "noticeable" differences, now... not something you have to strain to hear or are system dependent... You know, one of those "Man I wish I had done that a long time ago." sort of things.

Is there an aftermarket outlet that is just flat out good to add to anything, or any system, and no question, as to an improvement being OBTAINED.

I have three dedicated 20 amp circuits, though using the 25 cent Home Depot 15 amp specials, still, as outlets for all the gear.

I'd really like to hear about this aspect. ..no, I haven't gotten past the resentment towards PLC's just yet. Just PC's, and maybe outlets... if you tell me there is an advantage, of course.

Thank you. . . as always
Blindjim, I use Porter Ports. Why? Maybe only because it gives me peace of mind. Did I have an "Ah-ha!" experience upon first listen with them in the system's power chain? No.

I do know they provide a firmer grip on power cord plugs than what I experienced with my old outlets.

I can't get more honest than that.
Use the one that fits your price point, or makes you feel the best, because that's about all there is with these
I agree with what Tvad said. I am using PS Audio Power Ports and feel they are a good addition. They did not, however, jump out at me as a disernable audible improvement. I feel you will get the same benfits from pass and seymore hospital grade outlets available at any hardware, electrical outlet supply house or home depot for about $6.00 a piece.

Obviously none of the above have experienced the amazing revelation of going from a hi-Q industrial / hospital grade $25-level outlet to the Wattgate 381. This resulted in the absolute transformation of my Accuphase system driving ultra sensitive & revealing horns. I'm using a single #10 awg solid copper dedicated AC circuit for the whole rig + Chang Lightspeed line conditioning.
I heard a substantial improvement in my CD player when I installed a PS Audio Statement Extreme power cord. I since then installed them in the rest of my sytem with very little if any audible improvement. But I know directionally it was the right thing to do just as I have installed PS Audio Power Ports. If you have three dedicated 20 amp circuits you owe it to yourself to install at a minimum hospital grade outlets. But as I mentioned above I did not hear substantial improvement by installing the Power Ports. But I knew directionally it was the right thing to do to get maximum benefit from my dedicated lines. And besides it was a pretty small investment given the total cost of my system. Just my thoughts.
Funny that the posts so far don't state any obvious improvments.I received one Porter Port Outlet,which I plug my Monster Power Conditioner Power strip into as well as my turntable.
The sound quality improvement jumped out on my system big time.
The noise level was substantially reduced.My LP Playback became much,much,quieter.I could hear much better high frequency response.Also due to this the sound stage opened up more.
I already have a lot of RFI issues in my home,but with the Porter Port it stopped it dead in its tracks.I suppose these outlets must be very room,or home dependent depending upon which enviroment it is installed in.
But for my home it made a huge improvement right out the gate.
Obviously you are going to get alot of varying opinions concerning this topic. All I can say is try it you may be surprised. Obviously I find this an interesting subject as I keep chiming in. I have heard positive comments about the Wattgate, Porter Ports (cryo'ed hubbell) and PS Audio Power Ports. While others swear by the common old hospital grade outlet such as pass & seymour.

Porter? Hubbel? Hosp. grade? Cryo'd something or other... I suspect a better build that allows for more pressure at the contact point, and/or better materials in those points makes a good bit of sense. so I'll look into the Hosp. grade recepticals. Can't hurt. It'll take more to put them in than to get them...

Thanks. - jim

Good decision and yes it does get confusing with many opinions.

Well, given the insight, experience and valued opinions, which by the way I am grateful for them all, I've made my choice.
Hospital grade it is... Leviton. Red. The color alone should prove beneficial....in finding the outlet.

I'm not discounting the remarks, not at all, just given those and my own experience, save the cryogenics... an outlet seems just an outlet. Surface area, composition of the connection materials, and pressure, with the additional benefit of a separate ground from the circuit which in my case is arbitrary as all ckts are dedicated... makes the most sense. $29.00 shipped. Moving the racks out of the way wil be more the effort than replacing the receptacle.

I'll be overwhelmed I'm sure by the sheer onslaught of golden power forthcoming from the newly added gateway to audio wonderment. . . and it's 'red'.
Hospital grade it is... Leviton.
... an outlet seems just an outlet

That's what I thought too. In fact I had been using that same Leviton outlet before I went whole-hog for the Wattgate 381. Interestingly, Leviton makes the Wattgate too. I was highly skeptical, but it is indeed WELL worth the price if your rig is at a capable level.

What other outlets did you try? I went from pass & seymore hospital grade to PS Audio Power Ports and while I though the upgrade was worth it I must say I did not hear any real discernible audible differences. My dedicated lines made a nice improvement; lowered noise floor. I have considered trying wattgate.

I was using Porter Ports from Albert Porter, tried some Oyaide Cryo'd outlets from www.cryo-parts.com and they sound smoother and the bass is tighter. I think its a big step up in performance. I also put some QuickSilver contact enhancer on the outlets too www.Xtremecables.com
I would like to add a great big thanks to all that shared their experience in this thread. THANK YOU!

I've yet to introduce the Hosp. grade outlets but they should be in by next week. I held off due to some 'power cord' appraisals I was involved with at the time, and didn't wish to add to the mix any NEW items. that's done. bought three from VooDoo. A Silver, and two Black Dragons. Very nice indeed, given the improvements to the rig and their overall cost.

My current "NEXT' addition will likely be either speaker cables, or a power conditioner. I'm leaning to the PC. Oddly enough, I'm inclinded to go with a passive conditioner that does not limit current, and has the versatility to incorporate 'digital' & standard devices... my dilema is now which one, and how much...?

The PS power director seems a genuine good idea. I thought at first the 200, then thought better of it. I still have not ruled out the notion of an 'active unit' ... we'll see.

the addition of the PC should dispose of the issue with outlets altogether. If it can give me a likewise or better, improvement, as did the power cords, I'll be a happy camper... or at least a 'happier' one.

Now which one? but that's in another thread... Thanks folks.