Power Port Premier versus original Power Port?

Anyone out there try the new PS Audio Power PORT Premier? (Someone must have, since they sold 250 of the first 300) If so, how does it compare to the original Power Port? I posted a comment on PS Audio website regarding the fact that I love the "Mickey Mantle Grip" of the original, but have a gripe that the Power PLANT Premier does not have the same grip on ITS outlets. My biggest concern is the grip. I've tried others that simply do not compare. Any thoughts appreciated. T.I.A. -E
The GRIP is NOT the only thing that is matter. You have to play with the plating, the body molding material and the conducting material as well. I am a fan of PS Audio myself, but to shell out that much money for their Power Port or now the Power Port Premier, I would go for the Oyaide's R1 or SWO-XXX. A little bit more expansive, but more obvious improvement.

Have fun.
Do you trip on your power cords often? Or do you have errant pets? Perhaps painting the power cords red would obviate the need for this Hulk Hoganesque grip, as nothing would be pulling on them. Perhaps those plastic channels that cover the cords on construction sites would help. Or maybe the answer is as simple as glasses or better lighting in your listening room.
To me the grip is paramount, for without a good grip, there is detriment to contact and thus current flow. Of course material is also paramount for the same reasons, buit I have found few that match the grip of PS power port, even Oyaide comes little close. Someone mentioned Wattgate to me. Anyone else chime in on Wattgate comparisons?
Intuitively, I would say that grip means very little. As long as the contacts touch, you're making contact. Oyaide contacts are plated, and micropolished so that more contact is made. One can imagine a rough surface with undulations having less contact area than one with polished/smooth surface. I am using Oyaide power cords that I assembled, and the improvement in my already great sounding system is mind blowing. It didn't even take a break-in period - not more than 3 seconds to hear that the difference was like replacing my components for a much better category.
When you have to manhandle some of these massive and stiff aftermarket cords, that grip can be a great help to keeping the snakes in place. I know in my case, my DCCA's Power cables are great, but a loose grip receptacle makes them even harder to keep in place due to the gauge and massive construction.
I've just installed the goldplated Furutech 15 amp receptacle in my system and I'm pleased with the sonics. And the Furutech outlets have good grip.

I was not as happy with the sonics of the nickel plated power port in my system.
Danlib1, good point; another reason why grip is especially important. I have some hefty power cords too that require it.
Ssglx, thanks for input on Furutech; I may just try them out.

Have you tried any of the Hubbells? They have a tight grip as I recall.

I agree with Sglx about the nickel. The main weakness of the PSAs Power Plant Premier is the Decora-style Power Port variants installed. PS Audio designed the chassis around them so it is not practical to replace them with any of the better outlets.

Despite the Power Ports, some components sound better through the Premier. Others will sound better plugged into the wall.

Bob, I have not yet tried Hubbell, but hope to do so soon. I just consulted with my friend/electrician; he is going to be installing 20 amp dedicated lines for my entire system. When that is complete. I will be needing some very good outlets. I will no longer be using a power conditioner either.
I think some of the outlets marketed to audiophiles were based on Hubbells but don't recall which brands.
If PSA is smart, they'll have the new plug in the Decora style also . The body material seems to be superior to that of the Oyaide which is just nylon with glass.
A friend tried to install some SWO XXX's in my P500 and had to bend the end-tabs to make them fit.