Power plant and power cords upgrades a real wow?

I am at the point where the only things I haven't upgrade or to call it some way the weakest links on my system are related to power.

I have Luxman 550 A2
Harbeth C7
PWDAC ps audio
AZ hologram cables
Nordost LS XLR RD IC
Rega P5
Ps audio Phono

A friend came over and said what are you doing with this great gear and with belkin power supply multiple connections and stock power cords in all your units?
I have been thinking since them about his comment but I would like to hear from you guys the true and your experience trough this path.

I am planning to spend 2k on power related upgrades, help and guidance highly appreciate know anything about it.

Regards to you all.
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What is the electrical benefit of the dedicated line? Does it remove load issues related to other equipment turning on and off, or are those issues still present regardless of the dedicated line? Or is it simply a matter of current being delivered directly and with less resistance?

If the benefit is the former, then the argument for the conditioner becomes less effective, doesn't it?
Thanks Al. I spent a few hours last night looking at old threads but I didn't come across the one you linked.

I'm becoming convinced that I have some electrical issues at my house so I'm planning to hire an electrician. I think I'll explore the dedicated line idea.