Power Plant 300 or EQUI=TECH

Need some advice on the two conditioners. I live on the island of guam and shipping is outrageously expensive.I have the wadia 861 via synergistic designers ref.to pass x350 conectted by synergistic designer ref. to dunlavys sc 4as. I have dedicated lines to the pass and one to my foundation III which is where my 861 is pluged into. The sound is excites me every time i listen to it, has always our we ever happy with all the new gear comming out we search for the magic one. So iam hopping for some advice from both PP 300 OWNERS AND EQUI=TECH ON THERE EXPEREINCES. Has anyone treid both, i know both offer balanced output but which one offers the biggest improvement, thanks for the advice.
I have both The equi=tech sounds better on my cdp (47 labs flatfish w/progression dac) and the PP300 w/multiwave sounds better on my Preamp (Lamm l-1). Don't ask me why. The overall advantage of the equi=tech is that it can accomodate all your gear whereas the PP300 will not handle both my cdp and pre. If interested I have will have both for sale (I have two of each and with system change will only need one of each) The price is $850.00 for either.
Glide3 which model do you have of the equi=tech. and have you expeirenced with a different power cord?
I use a P300 to power everything except the power amp, it will power two cd players and two pre-amps at the same time, power draw is about 160 watts. The sound is quieter and more three dimensional. I do not use multi-wave or anything other than 60 cycles due to my Linn Numeric having a switching power supply. I did upgrade the power supply cord to the PS Lab cable and that made a tremendous difference in presentation like replacing an old faded fabric with a new bright version. The only part that has failed is the illuminated PS logo as the unit is powered up all the time. PS was supposed to send a new bulb but their service is suspect.