power or integrated

I have a Sony Tan 80ES amp. I would like to know if I can improve on the sound with a new amp. Should it be int. or power, class A or something completly different. I am thinking of the Belles 30w class A amp. I would love to hear your opinions.
I think your amp is a pretty good one, and replacing it with a Belles amp is not going to be a big upgrade.
What are you using for a preamp?
IfI owned a Sony Tan 80ES amp, i would get the caps upgraded. and keep it, until i had a system thatt was way over its quality.
So if i had it, i would look at a better preamp. A powerline conditioner. and at my sources.
Thank You for your response Liz. I will take your advice and keep what I have.
your welcome! Good luck.