Power or Integr. amp recommendations for Revel F30

I am looking for a Power amp or Integrated to drive my Revel F30's.I have a Parasound a23/p3 combo and they do okay, but in my opinion the speakers needs more "juice".
My budget is around $2000.
I appreciate any advice or comments.
Here is my list so far:
Krell 400xi
Classe CA 200 or 201
Parasound A21

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One of my good audio buddies had a pair of F30s for two years. We tried all kinds of amps with them and our favorite was the McIntosh MA6500. It was better than a Classe CP50/CA200 combo. The 6500 and the F30s seemed to love each other and there was plenty of power (that amp is much more powerful than the specs suggest - we couldn't believe it).

I have the exact same problem. I am powering my F30s with the new NAD M3, and it doesn't quite do it. My old Hafler 115wpc was better. Bottom line, an outboard amp is best for these. I'm choosing the A21. If you already have the P3 Preamp, you just need to upgrade one component. I need to buy both. Good luck!!

You probably have your solution by now, but if not get the Parasound A21. It's got tons of "juice". I upgraded from the A23 myself, and it is a whole new beast. It really makes any speaker I connect to it sing. I've got some pretty inefficient speakers, and it powers them nicely.