Power on 24/7 for Linn Amps?

I�ve just added a Klout to my Linn system. It was suggested that I leave both my amps a LK140 and the Klout powered up 24/7 for better sound, are there any Linn owners out there that could share an opinion on this.
Don't. I own six Klouts, two LK-240, two AV-5150 & quite a number of other Linn pieces. The ones that I have left on have gave me trouble in the past. By trouble I mean sending them to Linn USA for repairs. Linn advises not to do so on the older amps (LK series & Klouts), the new ones go into the standby mode. The LK-240 & AV-5150 had a safety recall, they do go into the standby mode but Linn now say that it is unsafe. I have talked with a few Linn representatives, they all say that their amps should be at optimum operating temp withing 15 minutes after being turn on. Hope this will help you.
I leave mine on. Not because Linn suggests it. That advice was given to me over 30 years ago and I've just stayed with it. While warm up is real enough to justify doing so the benefit I found that means the most is not ever having a component failure. Most newer Linn amps have a standby feature which makes power consumption kind of a non issue.
Interesting... the only problem I've ever had with Linn products was the LK280-Sparks power switch twice failed and would not power down, one occurrence on each set of them I had. Makes one wonder if I had left them on, would I have had the troubles?
Fact is, sonically I found a substantial improvement leaving them on for the weekend. 15 minutes wouldn't make the difference. Cheers!