Power me Up

I am having power problems. Or should I say lack of power in my AC outlets. By the time the current gets to my living room outlets I often lose power when I play louder. I did put in PS outlets and then run into a Triplite for protection. The rest of my gear is:

Thule CD100
Rega Gyrodec, Brit Audio RB-250, Dynavector 20Xh.
Reflection Audio OM-1 preamp
Herron mono block amps
Audio Physoc Virgo II
Coincident IC and power cords
Polk Cobra speaker wire

Do I need a "regenerator" like a BT or ps Audio or what would give me a more stable current? I'm also going to remodel a couple of years so I can do the dedicated thing then. What's good for now?
The Running Springs Audio products will stabilize and protect your power without the need for wasteful regeneration. They are also colorless and non current limiting.
By "running out of power" do you really mean "power"? If you do, I can't see how anything short of an energy storage system will work for you... According to my HS physics, P=IV, so if you use some device to compensate for a voltage (V) drop, you will end up being able to pull less current (I) given a constant P (power) from the electric co. If you do the reverse and ensure high current, your voltage will drop. The only way of adding power is to store it--batteries or capacitors. So, new outlets/power strings won't do a damn thing. Look for a device with a really large capacitor bank in it... Either that or turn off other power drains in your house.