Power matching for Surround Speakers & Power Amp

Specific example I'm considering

Aragon 2007 seven channel amp & Soliloquy SAT-5

Following are the specs on power from it's websites;
* Aragon 2007: 200 watts/ch into 8 ohms at less than 0.03%THD (20Hz-20kHz - 3 channels driven)

* Soliloquy SAT-5: Power Handling: 15-150 watts

The specs are not so much clear and intuitive to me...
Aragon gives power rating for 3 channels driven?

I'm going to be using Soliloquy 5.3i as fronts and SAT-5 for surrounds. I guess there'll be no problem with the amp and fronts speaker match, but what I'm worried about is if the amp will overload SAT-5 either for movie or music.

Is there a probelm from the spec wise?

Is Aragon 2007 & Soliloquy 5.3i + SAT-5 good match?
200 or 300 watts of clean power will not damage your speakers. 15 watts of distortion can shread them. Your amp is only going to deliver its rated output for very short intervals (milliseconds). It simply has plenty in reserve to keep it from clipping. this being said, it is not good for your speakers to be played at volume levels that hurt your ears (and its not good for your ears either).
also keep in mind that surround speakers are limmited in the frequncies they are asked to reproduce (sound guys who do the soundtrack for DVD's know you have smaller surrounds) and how often they are asked to make sound (they are not screaming throughout the movie).