Power line noise with my new integrated

Hi everyone,

Just added a Belles Soloist 1 integrated to my system.  It sounds fantastic, but it's picking up a lot of power line noise.  I have had many different integrated amps and the worst noise I've ever had is just a small static pop when the A/C kicks on.  Usually, there's no noise at all.  However, with the Belles I'm getting much more power line noise: a buzz every few seconds when the stove is on, a pop when the bathroom fan is switched on, a loud pop with the A/C or heat, and some other random interference.  

I get the same interference with or without a power conditioner (Furman).  I live in an apartment, so a dedicated lines is not possible.  Is it time to try something like a PS Audio Power Plant?  I hate to spend that kind of money just to find out it doesn't make a difference.  Or perhaps there's something that can be done with the Belles to make it less prone to noise?  

Any thought would be welcome.

Thanks, Scott  
Scott, did you buy the Belles new or used? If new, take it back.
If used, it seems that the amp should be sent back for service.  It sounds like you have some faulty capacitors in the amp. 
Bought it used.  Looks to be in fine working order other than the noise, and it sounds great.  I've got a guy locally who does audio repair, so I guess I could have him replace the caps.  I do have pretty terrible power, though, so there might not be any problem with the Belles.  

Thanks, Scott
This isn’t necessarily powerline noise - it could easily be that the amp is susceptible to RFI. If so, changing power conditioners won’t help.
Would RFI be so closely tied to switching on appliances in the apartment?  I have the dishwasher on right now, and with each cycle there is a static pop (fairly low level) through the speakers.  Would seem to be power line issues rather than RFI, no?  

And, does anyone know of a power regenerator that will allow me to run the Belles (125/250 watts into 8/4ohms) without compromising its performance?

Thanks, Scott
Would RFI be so closely tied to switching on appliances in the apartment?
Yes, it can be, absolutely.
Get rid of it. It’s not properly designed. Did you buy it new or used?
It's used.  Sounds amazing, so I'd love to find a way to calm down the noise issues.  My power is problematic, and I've had a lot of difficulty with tube amps/preamps.  Solid state seems to be much better, but this particular unit is unusually sensitive.  When I adjust the volume with the remote it causes a static pop in the speakers as I depress the button.  Seems odd, no?
I remember having Belles 150 for a few days than taking it back to the dealer "AudioConnection". The 60hz buzz was so dominating that the chassis would ring. It was NO WAY to listen to any classical music or electronica or jazz. It was only good for heavy metal or rock'n'roll. It was used, but no more than 4 years old. I tried to tighten the transformer screws -- turned out to be OK, Tried using power conditioner which I trust -- Panamax-Max5000(wanna try that one? pretty efficient and cheap, but no help). They decided to fully refund me instead and offered me 30% discount towards shopping on refunded money. I admit they're THE BEST in high-end business!
Added few $$ more and got Bryston 3b-st... Brought home, connected and whew! Whatta change! Just like trading in Chevy Cobalt for BMW 5- series!
Never heard or used Belles Soloist, but Bryston as a brand sounds more solid and tough in general. Not trying to offer you exchange the amp, but just heads up. Belles 150 that I had seemed to be showing the symptoms of unstable amp mainly for the facts of poor design from the beginning. Having in mind that you have poor power, you should purchase equipment that is capable of working in tough conditions. I don't think that Vette is able to outrun Tahoe or RangeRover on beach send or you can't use Porsche 911 to pull your house trailer -- ye know what I mean!
It's like cleeds said, sounds like an RF problem. All the more likely since you are using a remote.
Possibly running your amp thru an RFI/EMF filter plugged into the wall receptacle would reduce the noise.
Before you do anything you should have a licensed electrician check out the circuits in your apartment. If something is wired incorrectly you will have problems til the cows come home !
I think the power filter capacitor(or something else) is bad, take it to a repair place to get it fixed.

could be a faulty cap in your amp? Otherwise, apartment living is very noisy as well.