Power line frequency and possible equipment damage

I use a PS Audio P300 power plant as a turntable motor control, frequently setting it to 81hz, 118v for 45rpm records. Would playing a typical cd player, dac, or itransport with power coming in at 81hz rather than 60hz damage the unit? If so would there be risk of damage if the unit was not playing but still plugged in and consuming a modicum of power in standby mode?

I realize this is fairly equipment specific, but I am actually more interested in the general “am I an idiot if I do this” type question since I plan to make some significant changes to my digital front end in the next year or so.
Transformers don't really care whether they are getting 60 or 80 or 100 Hz. Now if you were talking 100,000 Hz, that is a different story, but 10s of Hz doesn't matter. The electronics downstream don't care either because they only see DC voltage coming off the rectifiers. All that changes is the ripple frequency, which if your power supply is properly designed, will be so low in level that nothing will notice. So no, there shouldn't be any problem.

As for motor control - now that can be a problem. Depends on the type of motor, but in some cases, changing the line frequency will change the motor speed...

Thanks Arthur. That is very helpful. The motor control issue you bring up is actually the appeal of 81hz...it provides 45rpm without touching any pulleys. (59hz provides a good 33 in my system). -will
Ah - clever.

Power transformers VERY MUCH care at what frequency they operate! That being said, running them at a lower frequency than designed is usually the cause for failures, rather than higher, and I personally wouldn't lose too much sleep running a 60Hz transformer at 81Hz - as Arthur points out, this isn't a huge difference.

But the other way 'round . . . frequently US-spec equipment that cuts it close on the transformer specification at 60Hz can exhibit failures, or much higher operating temperatures, at 50Hz - the Dynaco amps are famous for this. And if you're re-comissioning old military gear from aircraft or shipboard use - these were frequently run on 400Hz power - the power transformer cans can overheat and explode when run on 60Hz power. This is especially nasty when they're filled with oil containing PCBs . . .
I use the p300 for my TT motor also & have been for years. Just make sure that you shut OFF multiwave. A/C motors will not like it and they can burn out.
Don't do it unless you're sure the motor won't get fried.