Power/Integrated amp for Martin Logan 11A

Looking for advice on amp/preamp for Martin Logan 11A. My current setup is,
Aurender N100 -> Schitt Bifrost DAC -> Primaluna Dialog Premium preamp -> JC5 -> MartinLogan 11A speakers.

I mostly listen to vocal/Jazz and classical. Like sound with warmth/deep base but clarity is very important too. JC5 is a great amp, they are very stable at 1.5 ohms and also has 90 amperes pick current. I believe they operate as class A up to the first 12 watts and then switch to class B. JC5 sounds a little harsh to my ears. I have my eyes on Luxman amp/preamps as I heard they are a great match for ML. I am thinking of 
1. Primaluna Preamp + M700u amp
2. Primaluna Preamp + M900u amp
3. 509x integrated

Any suggestions or any other options. Btw, I have tried prima luna dialogue HP power amp, but I felt the clarity was not there like a SS amp.
I have the same speakers and the 509X and like the combination.  It all depends on the sound you are looking for and the budget.  I would categorize the sound as very neutral with crisp, yet smooth highs. This combo should not sound harsh.  This pairs well with the 11As since they tend to roll off highs.  It has very controlled bass but not as big as the m900u and some much higher priced alternatives.

I would skip the M700U since you get basically same amp in the 509X.  I heard the m900u paired with the 11A at a dealer and it was fantastic, though it sounded best with the matching c900u preamp.  Not sure how it would sound with the Primaluna.

I am a big fan of integrated since it saves a lot of time and money on matching components and cables.