Power from Wall

I am moving from 2 channel to 5.1 home theatre and will be adding several amplifiers. I am concerned that my single dedicated 15 amp circuit will not provide sufficient power. I am trying to calculate the electrical draw from all of the amplifiers to see if an additional 20 amp circuit would provide sufficient power. I seem to find limited information on how to do this calculation.

My main speakers are Genesis V (4 ohm imp, 90dB), uses a toroidal transformer Class D Servo Amp (400W/CH) to drive the woofers and I use a separate YBA2 amp (150W) for the mid and highs. I am also using a separate ultra-efficient 500W Class D discrete MOSFET switching amp for a Genesis S4/8 sub. I also will be adding another 200W amp for the rear speakers. I also am using a Panasonic 65ZT60 plasma, that has a rated power consumption of 620W and average power consumption of 189W.

I have been told that I need around 45-60 amp service to the outlets to run this system. I want some headroom so the various amp have plenty of power, but a requirement of 45-60 amps seems like an awful lot of power and question if it’s really necessary.
A 15 amp circuit will handle 1800 watts, a 20 amp circuit
will handle 2400 watts. What you have now is sufficient. No
possible way would you need 45-60 amps. If the circuit
breaker does not trip on your new system you should be
fine,if it does then you would have to upgrade to a 20 amp
circuit. 15 amps x 120 volts = 1800 watts. 20 amps x 120
volts = 2400 watts.
I concur w/ Yogi-
I will add this question;
are you living on a grid or off? (example: living in a major U.S. city) Keep us posted and happy listening!
You should be okay with your current (heh, heh) service. If the breakers don't trip, and I really doubt they will, you're good to go. I would go ahead and install the system and see how things play out...

Thanks for the assistance.

I am on city service, Naples FL
It didn't make sense to me either, their explanation
is the Class D amp is only 30% efficient so you need considerable more power. I thought the purpose of Class C was their efficiency?

I was also thinking of putting a Torus Power AVR20 on the line. Saw them at NY City show in Brooklyn show recently and their approach made sense. Can I put this unit on a 15 amp line or would it be time for a new 20 amp line?
That is for a 20 amp line. They make one for a 15 amp line. I explained the reason a 20 amp circuit(overkill) would be needed,but if you want to have one put in you will have to have your wiring changed to 12 gauge. Sounds like it's time to call an electrician.
Agreed, that way I have plenty of headroom for processor, CD, DVD, tuner, etc which I didn't include in calculations.

I have opportunity to get a used AVR 20 at a lot less than new, but have some concern over getting used for that type of product.
You can use the 20a Torus on a 15a line,as they have the 20a-15a adapter cord.
I had a 20a Torus and until I upgraded my lines that is what I did,used the 20a-15a adapter cord.
Now I use 2X240v Torus and wouldn't be without them especially with projector and a bit of digital gear.
Torus is especially important on subs as I had four F-113's.
Two were direct to the wall and two were into the Torus.
Nothing like a lightening storm to fry two F-113's that were to the wall,the other two that were into the Torus plus all components,projector ect.....nothing.
Wouldn't be without them like alone the music improvements.
Have had Torus for must be 6 yrs or so and they won't be leaving anytime soon.
I ended up picking up the Torus AVR20 and will install a dedicated 20 amp line. I have a PS Audio Power plant on the dedicated 15 amp line, but may add a Torus RM15 behind the PS Audio if necessary. Wonder what that would do to the sound?

The house in in Florida and my fear of lighting storms frying everything is what started this adventure. I also have a whole house circuit breaker just for lighting.
Good to hear you are going ahead with the 20 amp dedicated line.

If it was me, I would add a second 20 amp line.

One line for the Torus and one for the PS.

This way you can really isolate the digital and video gear from the analogue gear.

My audio only system runs 3- 20 amp dedicated lines- one just for the digital gear.