Power for Vienna A Mozarts

My current system is a pair of Vienna Acoustic Mozarts, HK/Musical Fidelity X-Dac, Golden Tube SI-50 Integrated Amp (with NOS Tubes), with Goetz Wires. The sound is good, but a little unfocused and lacking in bass impact. I'm considering a new amp or a sub. Right now I'm tending towards a Plinius 8150 (or 2100i/2) for the amp and/or a Titan (or maybe a REL) sub. Anybody heard these speakers with these? Or do you have other suggestions? My Budget is about 3-4 K. Thanks.
Hi, I have the Mozarts as well. The plinius is a great choice, though I would go the seperates route and get the SA100 and a tube pre-amp. I have the Electrocompient AW120 amp. This too is an excellent choice. Consider the tube pre option. It offers you some flexibility to fine tuning the sound. Best of luck,
The 8150i would be too big and if your room are not big enough you would have a tendency to get excessive bass. I would check out the audio analogue puccini se remote or the electrocompaniet eci-3. I have both integrated & the Puccini seems to do things quite well. Very musical to say the least. Try using the Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables with these speakers, they are quite a match.