Power for Thiel 7.2

Would two (2) Classe Ca 301 in mono mode be enough (600 w at 8 and 1200 at 4) or a single Krell stereo mode at 400 w channel 8 ohm 800 4 ohm.
Which way to go?
I can't say about your choices but I am using a McIntosh MC 602 and that has served me very well... My experience is that high current is as important as high wattage the speakers seem to open up at 200 watts or so but they need reserve to really put the numbers up , best wishes John
For Thiels power is not the issue. It's damping factor that matters most. 200-400 wpc into 8ohms is adequate.
you might consider the McCormack DNA-500. this is one of the few amps that can make the 7.2s sing.