Power for Peachtrees - conditioning advice?

Hello, folks:
Newbie (to the forum) here. First - thanks to all of the posters - you've taught me a lot and been a tremendous help.

I am trying to decide between three options (so far) for adding some power conditioning to my system.
Option 1: Used Shunyata Research Hydra 4, approx $500
Option 2: Furman Elite PFi-15, new, 700
Option 3: Shunyata PS8 + Defender, 1000

System - Digital, nearfield, office setup
iMac, MOG streaming, Amarra for iTunes and lossless, some CDs
Audioquest Diamond USB
Mission isolation platter
Peachtree Pre hybrid DAC, preamplifier, headphone amp
Peachtree 220 Amplifier
KimberKable Hero interconnect
KimberKable 8TC speaker cable (not in place yet)
Magnepan mini-maggies (on order)
Power cords - probably Shunyata (either Venom or Diamondbacks) - haven't purchased yet

What will be plugged in:
iMac, printer (due to location, practicalities), Peachtree components.
Whole house surge suppressor already installed.
House is 70 years old, had a few remodels, just got new panel, but internal wiring probably done in the '60's.
Dealer where I am getting MiniMaggies carries Shunyata and Furman.

Thinking so far:
Option 1 - great name, each outlet filtered. Isolation for digital? Best price
Option 2 - has current reservoir (PF), isolation, filtering; seems well reviewed; Best 'new' value?
Option 3 - To go 'new' Shunyata, seems most cost effective route.

What would you suggest? Or, if I've missed the boat, what other option/brands should I consider?
Great advice, thanks. I bought the USB cable and interconnects that I have from the. Great folks, and very helpful.

Thanks again for the post. I appreciate your time!
The first thing you should do is wait until you get your speakers and have had a chance to break them in and listen to them for a while, before you do anything with AC products. After that, I highly recommend you demo any AC equipment first before committing to it. Results are not consistent from system to system. I use The Cable Company for products like this. They should have all the products you list above and will send them to you so that you can try them in your system first.