Power Draw On A Tube Amp

Wazzup All!

I've got a question that may seem elementary to some of you so forgive me. I've had a tube amp and preamp for over a year (Music Reference RM9 & RM5 MkIV) but I've been living in an apartment. Because of this I've been listening at moderate volumes (I'm such a good neighbor!;)but now I'm moving into a house. My question is this: when I'm listening at higher volumes does it neccesarily cause more of a drain on the amps and the tubes or do the units run at full throttle regardless of volume settings?
It depends upon how the amp is biased.

A class-A biased amp runs full throttle at all times. A good example is the VAC Renaissance series amps. Generally speaking, more thermally efficient designs (class AB) idle at much lower wattage and increase electricity draw when the volume is turned up.

You will know if you have a Class A amp, as this design feature is usually trumpeted by the manufacturer for its allegedly superior sound (and will makes its presence known when you get your electricity bill).

Hope this helps.