Power Distributon - "More Plugs"

Curious to hear opinions on this one. I plug my gear straight into the wall. I have two 20amp dedicated circuits each of which terminates in a 4-box. I'm installing a house-wide surge surpression system (for lightning protection). I simply need more plugs! What would you do? I don't want power strips with surge surpression or anything like that - I just want more plugs on each circuit. Opinions?
Add more circuits.
not sure i follow you, sorry. each 20amp circuit can handle 2000W or so of equipment. unless i ran a couple of big amps (which is not the case), i'd be hard pressed to swallow that much power with just four plugs. so additional circuits would be overkill, wouldn't they?
Assuming your objective is best source of power for your audio system, there are two things you want to do: 1. have an unbroken line from utility box to where you plug in your equipment (i.e. power amps) and 2. Keep flourescent lighting, dimmer switches, kitchen blenders, hair dryers, etc. off of your audio circuit. Therefore, if you need "more plugs" (and want super audio power) don't cut line and add more plugs, rent an electrician and add more circuits!
Simply add a two- or four outlet box to each line. Technically, one should advise you to have an electrician do it. Don't know what your local code is but it should allow at least 3 or four duplex outlets per line. Also consider what you have connected to each line and balance the load as much as possible. If you determine that your total load is more than your present lines should support, then, of course, another line is in order. If someone is going to object to splicing from the boxes to add more boxes on the basis of "broken " lines, consider that one duplex outlet in each present box is probably spliced from the other unless someone has bothered to keep the line continuous within the box (not normal for electrician) and that the connections to the duplex is contact with screw terminal. Six feet of 00 super cable from the wall is also questionable expense when you have 50 feet of standard Romex to the box. Oops, that's another topic.
Sndsel- Before you call it "questionable", I'd suggest that you listen to some hi-end power cords first, specifically Shunyata King Cobra or FIM Gold power cords. If you have a high caliber audio system, the improvement is obvious. The cost may be objectionable, but the sonic improvement certainly isn't. Give it a try and let your own ears be the judge. Happy listening.