Power distribution

Hi all,

First of all, sorry if I post in wrong place. I'm looking for the power distribution with the following specs:

Input voltage: 220V
Output: 115V-120V (At least 3-4 outlets)
Capacity: From 2KvA to 5KvA

Anyone show me where I can buy this, many thanks!

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Looks like you're trying to do 2 things if I get it right:

1. convert voltage from 220 to 115-120
2. have high power handling capacity

The PS Audio does convert as I understand but their ratings for max power capacity are 1kva to 1.2kva

I cannot think of too many power conditioners that can handle that load...you might need to run a few PS Audio units?

I suspect Tripoint Spartan could handle the load...its a beast and costs a lot...but I am not sure it converts voltage. Good luck...and if you find it...let us know!