Power Distribution/Conditioner

I have a dedicated 10 AWG line from the first slot in the circuit breaker of the house (using 20amp breaker) going to a hospital grade wall outlet. Then Sideidner Power calbes to amps and preamp. System sounds great. The thing I want to do is have them all turned on via one swtich. I like having separate switches myself but the family does not. I thought about using a high grade on/off switch with the hospital grade recepticle but heard that could cause problems. Opening up the flood gates, power flys in, then stops abruptly when it hits the equipment. This ends up slamming the components --- thats what I was told. After hearing that, I thought a distributor with timed relays would work well. I'm not having problems with noise or clicks when I turn other house appliances on or off. So a passive condition/distributor more than a regulator would probably work well.

I Monster offers some things but I'm afraid of running everything through it, thinking it will restrict power. Currently running Conrad Johnson mono blocks and Belles preamp all with sidewinder power cable and then a Pioneer plasma and Shanling cd player and eventually a phono amp. Any suggestions would be great.
I recently purchased a Rotel RLC 1040 which I am happy with. It has delayed switching and does not seem to restrict current to my amp. It has brownout protection which was a must for me. My amp is a high current Totem Amber driving Mani 2's. The changes I did notice immediately were better color on my 60 " DLP and better imaging in the midrange on the mani's. I cannot discern any difference in the bass response which is where my system really shines.The unit was 600.00 canadian.
Has anyone used the Monster power system?