Power DAC or dac+T-amp?

First post in here, hello everyone.

I would like to upgrade a desktop audio in my bedroom (7' X 9'), after i read the posts, i decide to use passive speakers because i can have much more choices.

My budget is around 600USD excluding the speakers, so i am deciding should i buy a power dac like wadia 151 or nuforce DDA-100? I tried nuforce, i think it sounds too polite for me.
Or buy a small dac like halide dac hd, connect to a cheap T-amp likes trends or audioengine N22? (I have tried topping, it sounds too cold)

I am living in Asia so i cannot test halide, and i can only use a small speakers due to space capacity.

My music taste is electronic, indie and pop. But i listen to jazz and classical sometimes too.

Very appreciated if you could give me some advice, cheers.
If you are running a mac as your source, you could get a very decent used receiver on this site, like a Denon or an Onkyo, and run an optical cable from the mac to the digital input on the receiver. This could give you pretty decent watts-per-channel for your passive speakers.
If you are running a PC laptop as your source, you need an external, USB-based DAC. This decreases the amount of money you can spend on amplification, which is very important with passive speakers. I suggest you get your hands on some powered speakers in this case, Audioengine is a good place to start for this, and they have a decent USB DAC too. Quad also has made powered speakers that even have an internal USB DAC, I have not heard them, and they are out of production, but you can still find them used.
If you are using a PC desktop as a source, you should be able to get your hands on a decent sound card for not too much money, if you don't want to go with a USB DAC. I know nothing about the sound card route.
thanks for your advice
Audioengine A2, i have tried that, the basss is too booooooomy.
A5+ is too big for my room
quad 9l active, i will try that later, but it is discontinuted, right?