Power DAC for KEF LS50

Need advice : I bought a pair of LS50s. I want to stream my large Apple lossless library using my Sonos Connect. Need advice on powerDAC under $1000. What is the best option for these speakers? Peachtree Decco, Nuforce DDA-100, Parasound Z series, Wadia mini, other ideas???
I had some LS50's and had run them at various times with the DDA-100 and little Wadia 151. It worked well with both, but I think the Nuforce was a little better having a bit more power.
I thing the ls50's will do best with 100w/ch or more from a more beefy amp with good current delivery capabilities.

A quality Class D integrated from a reputable maker is probably where I would look for most bang/buck.

Rogue Sphinx hybrid Class D integrated might be the the first option I would consider were it me.

Parasound is also quite highly regarded for performance and value as well. PRobably could not go wrong there either if a pure SS integrated is preferred.
The KEF LS50 is affordable but I am always amazed at how good it sounds even when paired with components outside its price range. I have heard improvements going from a Bel Canto REF500M to a Plinius SA-Reference.

But for me, the sweet spot would be something like a Bel Canto C7R or a similar mInt from Wyred4Sound - if you need an all in one DAC and power amp.
I'm driving a pair of Gallo Reference Strada's with the Wadia 151PowerDAC mini. The Gallo's are rated at a sensitivity of 87db and the Wadia has no problem driving them, but my room is only 10x11. The Wadia replaced a Bel Canto C5i. The Wadia plays just as loud as the BC. I guess you can tell that I like the Wadia more than the BC. My only complaint with it is that when you turn if off, the volume always resets to zero. According to Wadia, it was designed to be left on all the time.
"According to Wadia, it was designed to be left on all the time."

Try leaving it on for a few days. It will sound better.
"Try leaving it on for a few days. It will sound better."

I leave it on most of the time. I turn it off when cleaning, electrical storms, etc.
I am driving my LS50s with a NAD d7050. I am not very experienced in audiophile systems but what I can say is that my system is sounding better than ever. In addition, although the d7050 does not have any analog inputs, it is very versatile when it comes to connectivity to digital sources. I find it a great option for one shopping for a power dac.