Power Cords--Your Preference?

spending a lot of time auditioning power cords---this is what I currently know---I seem to prefer the Kimber Palladian PK 10 to just about anything else I've heard---my Cardas Golden Reference was not even in the running.

Would be interested to hear your feedback about your favorite power cables----also, yet to find anything for CD player that improves the sound--even Palladian seemed a bit too much for CD and better suited to my PRE or Power Amp--- all CJ equipment. Thoughts?
That's interesting. My source (CD Player) responds much more than my amp. The amp responds, but only a fraction of what the source does. Right now I'm using all MAC HC Soundpipe's. I'm looking into the Elrod Signature for my amp. Lessloss is another pc I'm looking into, maybe for my source in the future.
I use Oyaide GPX on my transport and DAC, works well.
I have used MAC (My Audio Cables) HC Power Cords on my CDPs and other digital sources with very good results. If I had the money I'd be getting MAC Burly Power Cords for my amps. Alas I do not have funds for such nice power cords so I will try the very rigid Belden 83803 power wire with Sonar plug ends.
My buddy tried the Burly in his system and was very disappointed. He burned it in for a couple of hundred hours and told me they were rolled of in the highs pretty bad. I've heard good things about them, but his system and mine are simular sonically so it scared me off.
Stock one usually has the highest ROI.
i use mojo audio, fusion romance and ear to ear .
I use a loom of PS Audio's Perfectwave cables ranging from the AC3,AC5,AC10 and AC12 and find them fantastic!
You realize the eventual end result of all this will be that audio equip, when purchased new, will no longer include the power cord. I guess you'll be happy then. I know a group that will be.
PS Audio on my CD Player improved the sound by lowering the noise floor. No effect on other componets that was my experience although only tried a couple.

So I would say replace the cord on your cd player and stick to the stock cord on other components.

I have had major improvement to the sound for most components by using StageIII ,however improvements to amplifier sound was less impressive.
10-18-11: Rok2id
"You realize the eventual end result of all this will be that audio equip, when purchased new, will no longer include the power cord. I guess you'll be happy then. I know a group that will be."

Above a certain pricepoint. I don't know because I don't buy very expensive stuff, but I would be surprised if any amp say over $10K (I dunno, just a guess) came with a stock cord.
Bicycles over about $1500 typically do not come with pedals. You gotta buy a pair. Been there, done that (OK, that was about 9 years ago).

I agree. When I've bought amps second hand the sellers don't even bother to include any kind of power cord. I was thinking eventually most manufacturers won't be including a PC or maybe make an option to have a PC included. Although most stock power cords are really inexpensive.


You got me thinking about the stock power cords. Who knows maybe they aren't so bad? The stock power cord that came with one of my amps has the same exact markings as the Volex 17604 power cord that I purchased from Newark not too long ago. I had read about the Volex 17604 PC and how good it was for the money. So who knows right off the bat you may be getting a quality power cord with your amp/gear.

Thanks for the information about the MAC Burlys. I'm making some notes to myself so I don't forget later. I just want to confirm some things. You and your buddy's systems that had the MAC Burly PCs installed are similar gear wise and sonic wise? When you both had the Burly power cords was it installed on your front end equipment or on the amp(s)? I took at your system and it is quite nice. Could it have been the Burly didn't mate well with your Almarro amp?
I like Oyaide PCs. At least among the ones I've tried.
I currently use Cardas Golden Reference on my CD player with good results. Per your findings I might try something else?
MIT AC1 for Pre-amp and Phono amp.
MIT AC2 for Power amps.
Joe Nies
I've been very happy with Jorma Designs on amp, pre and digital.
I never heard the Burly in my system. I just took his word for it. I trust what he said about it and didn't bother buying one. There are a lot of people that like that PC, but it didn't work out in his system, so I passed.
Once I heard the Paul Kaplan GS MK2 power cords in my system, I've never given power cords a second thought.
I had the Mac Burly too and did not like what it did with my amp at the time.
Thanks ZMan and Foster_9. Foster What kind of amp did you have the MAC Burly connected to? I'm wondering if the Burly is better suited to SS gear rather than Tube gear.
Try Triode Wire Labs (TWL). They are easily the most natural sounding pc's I have ever heard, and I have tried quite a few reasonably priced cords ... CD transports and processors are especially appreciative of them as are most anything solid state. My CJ tube amp loves them too. Pete is also a great guy to work with. Good luck. PS I agree the stock cords with most amps are such throwaways...
ps audio power cords have done me right. currently have 2 ac-10's, 2 ac-5's and one ac-3 (on my sub) and am very happy with them.
I have been playing with different PC's since the Electraglide FatMan days. My current faves are the Nordost Valhalla and LessLoss Sig PC's. But I also have some older tried and true champions - the Elrod EPS and Statement series (the latter is the size of an anaconda), and the very fine Kimber Palladium. All provide a different "sound" and can only be selected if they match up with your specific component and what you are trying to accomplish. For example, the Valhalla is excellent as the cable from the wall to power conditioner, while I like the LessLoss Sig on my pre. The Elrods EPS2's have uniformly been my favorites on digital components.

Don't know if this helps or confuses the issue, but there you are.

I've been delighted with Mojo's XPC-5 PC..Introducing this cord to my Hybrid Amplifier was every bit as significant as a major component up-grade..You've got to go through the agony of burn-in but it's well worth it when all is said and done.
I believe Mojo has since brought out an even more delicious PC since my purchase..but I don't have any detail or info on it...All I can report to you is that this cable finally let me hear everything that is good about my system and much deeper into the music...Very nice product....There's so many really good cables on the market now I'ts getting harder and harder to make a decision.

Good hunting!!
I just bought a Elrod EPS-2 Signature PC on recommendation of a friend. It's my first really high end PC. I've been using MAC HC Soundpipes for years. I've tweaked and strategacally bought until it's finnaly time to step up in the PC chain. My friend said it would be very dramatic in improvements. I'll let you know.
A vote for Mojo audio cables -- their specials going on ebay right now and I believe on their website for the WE nos pure copper @ $179. Replaced significantly more expensive PS Audio cables. Warmth, and detail. I have gone all Mojo and am happy. FWIW the MAC cables I had in my system in various configurations contributed grunt but harshness up top. Mojo is a hidden gem in my book, and at the current prices, a great buy.
Nordost Valhalla or Nordost Odin.
i see i am not the only mojo audio owner.

i reviewed power cords and an interconnect . those who went to rmaf might have noticed a sign on mojo audio's table, quoting my review from audiophilia.com.

you can read my review on audiophilia.com .
I had the Burly connected to a McCormack DNA 500.
Hi Foster_9

Thanks for sharing. Visually I thought the DNA-500 and the Burly would have gone well together. Good to know.

If anyone is interested to know here is an update with my Belden 83803 power cords and Sonarquest connectors. The Belden 83803 is as rigid of a power cord as I have ever handled. A real bear to handle and put in tight spots. The Sonarquest plugs though have been quite a surprise. The copper used looks to be very high quality and the grip on the IEC end that connects to your amp is like a strongest vice. Once put in it isn't going anywhere. I think I've seen these plugs used on certain Cullen Power cords sold here on A'gon.
I've owned and tried many and the ones I always come back to are Acoustic Revive. To me they are the most natural, organic and "real" sounding cords. I do also like the MIT Z3 and newer Shunyata cords but first choice would be Acoustic Revive.
"I had the Mac Burly too and did not like what it did with my amp at the time"

If some PC named Mac Burly, had its way with my amp, I know what I would do!! I don't tolerate that sort of thing.

I once built custom one from VanDenHul leftover bulk that they sent me for $25 shipped 6' total length that I plugged into modded VTL-MB100 that used to have fixed(non-detachable) power cord. Playing with non-detachable power cords did not bring to my ears any difference, but certainly increased the value of the modded VTL when I sold it:-).

Certainly playing with detachable ones is more fun, but to my practical experience the fixed ones especially for audio applications make much more sense to me (less connections, less transients, lessnoise) hence I did not bother to cut chassis to install IEC recepticle.

When I removed the stock power cord I was amazed that the wires looked brand new after nearly 16 years of usage and in addition it was very well designed. Still keep them in case anyone interested to buy:-) Alais from the aftermarket wires that covered with fancy hoisery and sleeves, I had a chance to look under the stock one and hence made my conclusion about ROI.

So folks, learn what you've already got before going crazy and stretch your pockets.
Hi Marakanetz

Now I get where you are coming from. You work on, use and see better gear than me. The equipment that I've had or have that still had a captive power cord the cords looked like gray appliance power cords or just plain old lamp cord. Nothing impressive at all. Some of the cords didn't look like they had any business to be hooked up to the amp. I guess that is what years of looking at bulky power cords can do to you. I've been looking at the PS Audio Power Cord cut out diagrams for years.

Isn't it funny as to how if you swap out a captive cord for a removable power cord the sale price can change? I had a tech by me who did some work on Sumo amps and removed the captive cords. He always managed to sell them for a bit more than if it had the captive power cord.

Thanks again for sharing.

To kind of go back to the OPs question. If I go the DIY route again for Power cords I may try Yarbo power cords. I can't find any users though who had experience with them here. I found no posts in the archives.
One of the best stock ones I've seen is from Crown 3600 amp. I would say that on audiophile market that piece alone would probably run for $400/1m, but unfortunately(may be fortunately:-)) it's captive. That monster is able to blast transient currents upto 100A+ just like welding machine and having 80V collector supply. So one can assume that the power cord in this machine is well suitable in any audiophole amp.
I had the Mac Burly, and wow, what a difference that it made in my system. Audio Nirvana is all relatively and subjective to each individual system. To me, it is quiet, seductive, and let the music flows naturally.
YUP...My system degrades appreciably with Cardas cables. Their power cords are the worst.
I use Acrolink cable with top of the line Oyeida or Furutech ends
Definitely Elrod Power Systems. The newer Statement Gold and Silver line (not to mention the Diamond) are far superior to the earlier Elrods. Earlier model used ones are usually a great deal, though.
The Exemplar Portal power cords are the best power cords I have heard by a big margin. They are long linear copper and shielded. I don't know how they do it, but they make the sound stage have greater precision and realism.
i also have the fusion audio romance. it is a gold-based cable.

it is an alternative to the mojo. does anyone use this powercord ?

as in the case of food, there is no accounting for people's taste.
I have used a number in my time, most second hand, Ridge street Alethias and Poema, Audience A24 and Nordost Valhalla. My current 2 favourites, which I feel are equally good, but different, Lessloss DPFC origonal version, Sablon audio Robusto.

I only have one Valhalla, bought really very cheaply, I found it a good way behind these 2, in my system
I used the Russ Andrews powerkords before and then was introduced to the ones from Gutwire by my local shop and I have to say I'm impressed.

I use the C-Clef and Power Clef now and they out-perform the RA Signature cord.

Having found Synergistic Research Tesla interconnects [Apex and Precision Reference now owned] I may try their power cables when I can stretch to them as they should be awesome, if the i/c's are anything to go on !!

>>11-07-11: Tbg
The Exemplar Portal power cords are the best power cords I have heard by a big margin<<

How many times have you posted "the best I ever heard" in the past 5 years?

It's really getting old.
>>11-09-11: Audiofeil
>>11-07-11: Tbg
The Exemplar Portal power cords are the best power cords I have heard by a big margin<<

How many times have you posted "the best I ever heard" in the past 5 years?

It's really getting old.

How many times have you posted a worthless comment with attitude over the past 5 years?

It's really getting old.
Ouch Dicky boy, that really hurts.

Couldn't resist, You put it right out there!
Stop hurting little kidz LOL!
I just got my MAC Burly after anxiously waiting weeks since my order. It was well worth the wait! I have used the Source, HC, and Paradise PCs in my system as it has evolved, and I always wanted to try the MAC. Since they recently became sold at a discount I decided to give it a go just because I had been eyeing it in the past even though I have since bought more regarded and expensive cables. I figured if it didn't sound so great in my power amp I would use it as a subwoofer PC because the one thing I have consistently read about this PC is the great bass authority.

Well, even after just a few hours of burn in I think it is beating both my JPS Power AC+ and Audience powerChord! The clarity, air, and control is very impressive. It is more refined than the JPS and less soft than the powerChord. DEFINITELY not rolled off highs here. In fact the initial sound was very unbalanced and forward on top with upper midrange/lower treble very suppressed and congested, especially deeper into the soundstage. Cymbals and snare drums were much too prominent, but as things have opened up the sound has balanced out a great deal. I am only at about 20 to 30 hours now but I can see where this is going and it is looking good! In my experience with MAC PCs they take a long time to burn in and change significantly dramatically during that period so it'll be interesting to see how it settles. I am waiting to get my powerChord back from Audience after the "e" upgrade and will have a showdown. My feeling is that the JPS will be relegated to subwoofer duties.

One thing I was taken aback by is the sheer size and weight of this thing. The six foot cord weighs six pounds and is like kielbasa thick! Just looking at you think, "This thing must produce some serious bass slam."

My system:

VTL ST-150 KT88 tube amp
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M speakers
REL B2 sub
Placette Passive Linestage
Bel Canto DAC 2.5
Squeezebox touch
JPS Labs Superconductor 2 RCAs (pre -> amp)
Audience AU24(e) RCAs (out getting "e" treatment, DAC -> pre)
JPS Labs Superconductor FX (interim while AU24 is out)
Audience AU24e speaker cables
In my system I have a Wegrzyn 8 gauge power cord on my preamp and the Lessloss dfpc Signature on my amp. They both do a real nice job. I have had the best luck with the JPS Labs Digital ac-x on my DAC. All of these have been solid performers.