++power cords with power conditioners?

I'm considering one of the high-end power conditioners such as the PS Audio-300. Is there any benefit in using a premium powercord between the PSA300 and my devices (cd, preamp, etc.) since the power is "clean" coming out of the PSA300? Thanks for your comments and thoughts!
There is still benefit, but it seems like the variables would change a lot. If a cord sounded too "filtered" when plugged straight into the wall, that aspect would be made worse by something like the PS, at least when it's plugged into the same component in both cases. I don't see how it couldn't be this way, anyhow.
You can, but I doubt you'll hear any difference on the front end. Your amps/preamp should have better power cords due to higher draw, and the shorter they are - the better! good luck to you
In my experience with an Innouye Line Conditioner (which I use with a Michell Gyro turntable, there are definite sonic differences with the turntable which can be heard when the power cord is changed on the conditioner. My experience is with fairly inexpensive cords on the conditioner (am currently using a BMI "Edge" cord which was very cheap-purchased for $50 through Audiogon Auction), also used a LAT cord with good results; both these cords gave pretty significant sonic improvement over a standard shielded Belden cable. Use more expensive cords on my CD player and amp, but find these definitely sound better straight into the wall. The turntable, greatly benefits from the line conditioner. Blake
Although a power conditioner by itself is usually a great improvement, a premium power cord will make even more difference. Just think of each power cord as basically a 3-6 foot antenna, or at least the cheap(stock) ones are. Also, the PS300 is not just a conditioner, but more of a restorer. It reforms the AC sinewave to what it should be. Go to their website; it's quite good. For interests sake, I use Gutwire cords on my stuff. Good luck!
PS Audio recommends not using a power cord with filtering with their Power Plants. Go to www.psaudio.com for more information. You can even download the owners manual for the P300 and P600. I have a P300 in my system and on the list for a P600. In my system, the power plant made more of an improvement than power cords or cable upgrades. Good luck.
Who does Rec work for, PS Audio?? Power Cords do make a difference. In fact I temporarily had one of those PS Audio Power Plants in my system that I was able to try out from a local dealer. The results were cut and dry. Waste of money ! Forget about plugging amplifiers, or any sources with an out board power supply. the PS Audio Power Plant took away from the sound stage, depth and dynamic energy level. Instead of spending all that money on a piece of junk, just another box for the equipment to go through. Best results are the shortest points. For about a quarter of the amount you can upgrade your whole system with decent power cords. Then you will get excellent results. I thought this site was supposed to be unbiased and not pushing an over priced piece of equipment that just hurts your system.
There have been several discussions of the PS audio power plants. A fair number of us who post on this sit, but not all, have reported good results. I have two and they made a large clearly noticable improvement in my system. I use them on top of dedicated AC circuits and a seperate ground. I have very bad power so your milage may vary. High end power cords didn't help my system like the PS Audio Power Plant. As Shayner said above don't use a cord that is just a six foot antenna. A well shielded heavy gauge cord is a good match. They have a 30 day return policy so if you don't like it send it back
No, I do not work for PS Audio. The original postings asked about power cords and the PS Audio P300. I just stated what PS Audio recommends about power cords with the Power Plants. I have after market cords through out my system. I did not say that power cords don't make a difference, I said in MY SYSTEM, the PS Audio made a bigger improvement then upgrades of cable or cords. As always, listen for yourself, many upgrades are system dependent. In my system, the Power Plant is an improvement, thats not saying it is for everyone.
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