Power cords with inductive Aloia power supplies

I'm curious if other owners of amplifiers and preamplifiers with inductive power supplies find them to be greatly affected by power cord choice? Both my Aloia preamp and amplifier have inductive power supplies and I've not found them to be nearly as influenced by the power cords that I have on hand as other gear I own. Is this type of power supply less affected in general by power gremlins?
I've experienced no difference whatsoever with my Aloia when swapping cords. The best thing I ever did for it was to get a balanced line power conditioner (Equitech) to remove all traces of DC from the line to remove the bit of hum that was there. Otherwise, that power supply (as you know) could withstand a nuclear attack.

Did you try other preamps before settling on the Aloia matching pre? Any tube units?
Your observation about hum is interesting. Power supplies on both my preamp and amp hum ever so slightly. The hum can't be heard from more than three feet or so away in a dead quiet room, so I've not let it bother me. Before buying, I listened to a number of tubed preamps & amps in showrooms, but not at home. I've had a Music Reference RM5III for years, which uses 6922 tubes. It's not a particularly "tubey" sounding preamp though. I still use the phono section of the Music Reference, but the Aloia is a superior line stage. Signori Aloia did a really fine job of balancing complementary strengths when he designed his amps and preamps.