Power Cords with built in RF reduction?

Which power AC cables have actual built in RF noise reduction filters?

If I'm not mistaken, Audioengr makes power cords with filtered ground, but not cheap...
Maple Audio's Purity and their Supreme. The Supreme actually has 2 in-line. The IEC end has the RF filter and the other end (plug end)has a "conditioner" that keeps the voltage and frequency constant.
www.graniteaudio.com with toroids each end for high frequency noise filtering. I use 'em and luv 'em.
I use a network in the TG Audio cords....
I used David Elrod ESP2 Signature for CDP and preamp and ESP3 Signature for power amp in my system. Nothing can beat these power cords except Elrod Statement.
For Blue Circle cords it is in the weaving of the wires, not a filter.
I don't think a pc can keep the frequency or voltage constant, you need some big hardware for that!

Van den Hul Mainsstream Hybrid have unique embedded powerline noise suppression filter plus strong shelding against in and outwards radiation and RF.
Check out the new PSAudio Power Cords. I can't speak as to how they sound, but have an interesting design.
Steve - I think it can be done with choke filters but I'm not sure???
I think Siltech uses ferrite filters in its power cords to suppress RFI.
Audioquest made (makes?) a cable that has rf reduction built-in. I believe it uses a ferrite clamp underneath the jacket. You might try regular ferrite clamps around a decent PC. I would assume you'd get the same desired effect. I use ferrite clamps around all of my PC's. I can't say I noticed a big difference before/after, although I don't have a noise problem in my new house either and kind of brought these along to my new digs. - Tony