Power cords with bass emphasis

I'm looking for a power cord that has a slightly elevated bass response, but which isn't wooly, for my preamp. Telling you that it's a Jadis DPL tube preamp isn't very helpful, though, as it's been so heavily modified. Let's just say it's a tad bright, extremely detailed and lean.
I listen to a lot of funk. I don't need the bottom octave, so much as a good, strong output from 40-80hz. I'm using a solid state YBA amp (with a Camelot Sir Bors pc hard-wired in) on the woofers of my Martin Logan Sequel IIs and two modified, tubed mono GTA SE-40 amps on the panels. I listen to a lot of vinyl with a Van den Hul Frog on a Well-Tempered table and arm. I use Audience AU-24 and Acoustic Zen cables (Matrix II and Silver) and a Nordost Quattro Fils. They are in a constant state of flux, though. I'm using an Audio Magic Stealth PLC through a Virtual Dynamics Reference for everything, except a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet for the SE-40s. (Please don't tell me to sell the Nordost because it's lean. I like it too darn much.) I can spend between $250-$350. Any suggestions?
Power cords don't have bass emphasis. However, some cords will work better with some gear than others, and thus may reveal more music. My humble opinion, mind you.

A power cord I heard and had, that has amazing bass is the ESP Essence. I tried it on several amp and preamp combos(all solid state) and the bass was very predominant on all. You can find them used here on Audiogon for @ $250.00. You'll never know unless you try one.
Maybe go with another VD cord. When I last auditioned them, I thought they emphasized bass to the point of being a bit unnatural.
Never underestimate really cheap Belden that you can return.Might be "the one" or equal to other and you'd get a lkick out of going mass market.Other really inexpensive company I have heard about but not yet tried is "Blue Jeans" cables.Advice plus return would aslo be availible from "The Cable Company"
Ps Audio Lab Cable. Especially good on the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet. But it has its own problems. One might find it slowing down the flow of the music and darken the soundprint.
Try a VH Audio Flavor 4. I have one in my system and I think it provides a warm sonic signature and improved bass.

I realize all systems react differently to PC changes, but I use the VD Nite II on my Joule Electra preamp and I wouldn't say it emphasizes bass. On the contrary I find them to be pretty neutral.
would have to disagree with JD...no offense intended...

i have owned and auditoned power cords and there is a very noticeable difference between the bass intergation, pitch, detail, speed, dynamics, and amount of bass..

compare cardas power cords to shunyatas or audiences power cords and the presentation will be 180 degrees different (in regards to the bass, hugh differences in regards to intergation, speed, detail, and slam... it was like changing from a sealed speaker with tight bass to a ported speaker with really loose, flabby bass.

i would suggest the audience power cord... i have compared it to others costing far $$$$$ and it is a very well rounded performer with very good resolution and highly extenteded at the frequency extremes.
Clio, the funny thing is that most owners recommending VD (no matter the model) will tell you that it's a neutral powercord. But everyone who has tried the higher models will probably tell you that the bass is better than the lower models. Personally, I think if there's one thing that one immediately notices about VD cord it's the bass.

I must be the oddball, I didn't notice the bass. However, when I put my CRL PC on the Joule, the bass was definitely the first thing I noticed. I liked the sonic signature of the VD better and moved the CRL to the amp.
Are you looking for "ubermensch" bass or bass that is beyond good and evil. Or, perhaps, you are just looking for the eternal recurrence of the same bass. Sorry, I just had to post as I loved your moniker name: nietzsche lover.
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If you haven't yet purchased a power cord, you will find that the Eichman exPress power cord has what seems to be unlimited bass response. I have also used the Zu Bok which has an exceptionally clean and tight bass though a little thin. If you were looking at creating a synergy, you might experiment with both of these. If you just want no holds barred bass response, I'd go with the Eichmans.