Power cords recommendations

Can you recommend some power cords for the following devices?
Bryston BDA1 DAC
Bryston BDP1 Digital music player
Wyred 4 Sound STP/SE Preamp
Maximum total budget, $1000.
Thanks for your help.
My vote is for Lat International AC-2MkII. They are very balanced sounding from top to bottom, they have a dead quiet background, and helped give my system a more laid back yet still powerful presentation of the tunes. Just a great all around pc that works as good with amplification as it does with source components. Also a great addition to my Samsung 50" monitor. People comment on the good picture quality often! Read the online reviews!

Keep in mind that everyone's system is different and cables will sound different in different situations. Really need to try them in the system for awhile and see if they work for you. If you do not like them in your system, you can resell them quickly here on Agon. VH Audio and Signal Cable power cables are also standouts in the budget minded power cable dept. Hope this helps!
I would recommend Cullen cable red copper for your preamp. I just bought one for my wyred4sound amp. I heard an immediate improvement in detail and more depth to soundstage over the stock wyred cable. For under $100.00USD
I thought it was a nice upgrade. Talk to Patrick for advise.
I also recommend getting some on trial. Power cords are often component dependent, so mix and match works out best after auditioning.

In your price range, I'd recommend Wireworld Electra (very neutral and refined) and VH Audio Flavor 4 (muscular sounding, but very stiff physically). With the VH, you can also choose different plugs to tune the final sound (copper and gold for a denser, earthy presentation, rhodium for more detailed, analytical sound). Or combine different metals at each end - the permutations become frustrating, really!
Try auditioning through The Cable Co. By the way, it would help if the OP let us know that is deficient in his system or what he was trying to achieve.
Id encourage you to audition Stefan AudioArt power cords. A lot of bang for the buck. The guy behind them is great to deal with too.