power cords- problems using too many cords ?

i started out using my first cord connected to my amp, liked very much. then went to preamp, also liked very much. i then tried my dac and transport, and now my system sounds bright. are 4 pc too much in one system. they are all the same brand and seem to be very good quality. any advice?
Have you allowed sufficient time for the power cords on your DAC and transport to break in? Do you leave them turned on all the time? If you replaced the cords on your DAC and transport with your preamp and amp still turned on, try turning everything off for about 15 minutes and then re-powering in this order: preamp, transport, DAC and amp.
Newfane- It all comes down to system synergy. You might have taken the sound too far in one direction with the additional pc's. Be sure to let the power cords fully burn-in, and consider getting upgraded a/c outlets, possibly some that are known for a more lower midrange-centric (or less bright) sound, ie FIM 880. Good luck.
Power cords are additive, and like interconnects and speaker cables need to be matched to each component, one at a time. It's unlikely every component in your system will work best with the same model and brand of cord in every position. It's a real pain to get the right mixture of poser cords, but it makes a great difference when you do. One way to go is to borrow a bunch of different cables to try from www.fatwyre.com-- just about saved my sanity.
believe you could be finding the actual sonic characteristics of your equipment revealed by the power cord changes. Stock cords sometimes hide equipment characteristics you may not wish to hear. matching power cords,IC's,speaker cables is very critical in your quest to achieve system synergy let your hearing be your guide nobody can do this for you, everybody has different sonic preferences.
I agree with Mejames. While i don't know the design of the cords that you are using, it is quite possible that the aftermarket cords have filtered out some of the "sludge" that was finding its' way through the power supply and then into your music. By cleaning up some of the garbage on the AC line prior to making it into the equipment, you might be hearing what the components actually sound like. This is not hard to change though, as all you need do is start introducing other power cords back into the system one by one. You can then experiment with what cord works best where until you find the balance that you like. Sean