Power cords or power conditioner

I’m at a cross roads and I’m looking for some advice from those have have gone down this road. I recently added a 2 channel integrated amplifier to improve my 2 channel performance. I had been using my Datasat LS-10 for music and while it sounded really nice, it was missing the depth and clarity that I know my speakers are capable of. My speakers are KEF Reference 3s, rest of my 2 channel set is is as follows:

Luxman L 509x

Luxman D-03x

Roon Nucleus Plus

Lumin U2 Mini

Transparent Audio Super speaker cables

Nordorst Red Dawn XLR, Blue Heaven USB

Wire World Platinum USB

All power cables are DYI using Oyaide Tsunami V2 cable

So what I feel I am missing is that 3D holographic sound stage. It was there with the Luxman 509 when I demo’d it, but I am unable to get that experience at my house. I feel that majority of equipment is up to the task but I am curious if I should ad a top shelf power condtioner like a Shunyata Triton or Torus AVR20 into the system or replace my Intergrated’s power cord with a Shunyata Alpha NC? I’m getting tapped out, so for now it can only be one or the other.

Or should I skip the above and focus on room treatments?


@wheelndeal1099 thanks for the follow up post! I would allow about 24hrs for the used cables to settle. I believe you will attain more depth and layering in the soundstage when you begin to address your room acoustics.
At some point you should also try Audioquest Tornado or Hurricane high current power cords on your Luxman integrated amp(get the latest version). There’s synergy with the AZ interconnects there, at least in my system.

Good luck and enjoy this journey!



Thanks, congradulations. After transport and non-use… it can take a while for cables to settle down. I would give them at least a few tens of hours. Weird… I have been really surprised how consistent and long it takes.

Had the same cables also for 15 yrs...good pairing.It took days/to a week for my zavfinos to really start to  open up (bought used).Same with my venhaus.Dont over stuff your room...leave some liveliness imho.

In MHO, power cables, treatments and room treatments will add nominal improvements at best (unless your room and current cables are FUBR : )

Perhaps a very good DAC can add some dimensionality and image layering?  Soekris, Mytek, Briscasti etc  Lots out there and most give you a 30 day trial.







@paul_lindemann   I'm beginning to think the same thing.  I've added many things over the past month, and the over all improvement is small but improved in regards to layering.  I think the biggest improvement was swapping out my interconnects and speaker cables.  I'm going to pull the power conditioner when I have time and see if I can hear a difference with and without it.   

When I demo'd my Luxman I used a $20k Aurender Streamer, so I suppose it is hard to expect a $4k CD player/DAC to give me the same sound.   Either way, I do have it sounding really nice now.  All of the little improvements have made a noticeable improvement over the past month.  

For now I am sitting tight, but a Bricasti DAC is on my "to try" list.