Power cords or power conditioner

I’m at a cross roads and I’m looking for some advice from those have have gone down this road. I recently added a 2 channel integrated amplifier to improve my 2 channel performance. I had been using my Datasat LS-10 for music and while it sounded really nice, it was missing the depth and clarity that I know my speakers are capable of. My speakers are KEF Reference 3s, rest of my 2 channel set is is as follows:

Luxman L 509x

Luxman D-03x

Roon Nucleus Plus

Lumin U2 Mini

Transparent Audio Super speaker cables

Nordorst Red Dawn XLR, Blue Heaven USB

Wire World Platinum USB

All power cables are DYI using Oyaide Tsunami V2 cable

So what I feel I am missing is that 3D holographic sound stage. It was there with the Luxman 509 when I demo’d it, but I am unable to get that experience at my house. I feel that majority of equipment is up to the task but I am curious if I should ad a top shelf power condtioner like a Shunyata Triton or Torus AVR20 into the system or replace my Intergrated’s power cord with a Shunyata Alpha NC? I’m getting tapped out, so for now it can only be one or the other.

Or should I skip the above and focus on room treatments?


I've had good results with power cords, but not with conditioners. Easy to return a power cord if it doesn't work for you, so really no risk...

Why not both, power (distributor and cables) and room treatments. And honestly implementing room treatment is relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of things.It just needs a lot of work. For me, I gotten everything I could possibly need, goods and advice, from GIK Acoustics. And of course, speaker placement, toe in, distance from listening position, etc. which are of course …. Free. Just some work.

From my own experience with real people, those who proclaim power cords and conditioners make zero difference, and room is all that matters, typically have zero room treatments in their rooms. They just love to bash cables. As they say, don’t pay attention to the preaching of a naked priest. Or something like that.

wd1099...i read a story at galen carol audio about everything matters.Getting my stands right,speakers balanced and spikes anchored was huge fwiw.Was ready to give up on my speakers...it wasnt them.

Your power cables should be fine.

Power conditioners can do more harm than good.  Test by plugging directly into the wall on a clear day (no storms).  

If you insiste on a conditioner, get an inverter/rectifier with near-zero output impedence.  I use the psaudio pp10 and highly recommend.

While it might be your room, I'd try a better DAC.  I find the DAC to be the most important component in achieving the transparency and soundstage.  Never been a fan of the dac's that are built into CD players but I am not personally familiar with your luxman.


+1 @marco1 that your speaker placement is probably playing a large part in this as your equipment seems perfectly capable of throwing a large, 3D soundstage.  I know you’ve played with placement already, but try this — pull speakers out another 2 feet from the wall and put them only 5’-6’ apart and toe them in so they fire just past the outside of your shoulders and move your listening chair back accordingly and see what happens.  If this yields a significant improvement try moving them out another foot (this is pretty close to how I have my speakers positioned to great effect) and see if it improves further or if you’ve hit the point of no/diminishing returns and go from there.  I have a feeling you’re going to experience a larger and more open 3D soundstage, but it’ll at least be worth a try and like you so aptly stated — it’s free!  Sounds like you have good PCs and while a good power conditioner can certainly help I’m not sure it’ll give you the level of soundstage improvement you’re looking for but always a good thing to add to your system regardless.  Hope this helps, and best of luck.