Power cords known to produce good bass

All the cable naysayers and deniers please step aside. We have heard your opinions more than enough already. Thank you.

Tell me if this train of thought is off base or not. I am observing that power cords made with a high strand count of fine gauge high purity wire can be very resolving, very refined sounding and very smooth sounding but, they do not provide good bass. Usually true? Yes or No?

Here's a couple of examples of power cord wire that I find fit the above description. Furutech FP-TCS21 and FP-SO22N, Acrolink 6NP4030 and 7NP4030 II. These are cables that are or were available in bulk for DIY application. I have pretty much done all the DIY cables that can be made using the ready made bulk wire that is on the market. 

Across three systems, I do have a lot of Transparent Audio power cords from the mm2 generation and the Gen 5 generation. All of them are re-terminated by me with Oyaide 004 cord ends.

I'm now looking for opinions about which other manufactured power cords are thought to have good bass. In particular I want to try something to go between the wall receptacles and power conditioners. At present I have two of the Acrolink 7NP40430 II cords in that position. High resolution but bass could be better.

Unfortunately, due to my hearing condition that is called hyperacusis, I'm extremely sensitive to brightness, harshness, shrillness, etc. etc., which means it is no dice on silver wire and most plated cord ends. Other than the Oyaide 004 ends, all of my cord ends and receptacles are un-plated copper.

So, any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Thank you all for the excellent input. Yes, I should have said good - quality - bass in the header. Lots of votes for Audioquest so far.

@vinci92 I did have an early version Shunyata King Cobra way back when. That was an amazing power cord. Unfortunately, one or both of the cord ends was/were silver plated and I eventually moved it on.

@nyev  I have a Transparent  Powerlink MM2 (next tier up from the Reference in the mm2 generation) on my upgraded McCormack DNA-500 amp. Gen 5 Reference can't unseat the Powerlink MM2 on my amp. Might be a synergy thing in that case.


I use the current generation of Transparent power cords on all my components with the exception of my amps… they use AudioQuest Hurricanes. They are really clean, Transparent, with excellent bass. Highly recommended.


What amp (s) are you using?  What kinds of music do you listen to? How good are your ears?  And last, but not least, how loud do you listen?  If you have power hungry amps and you listen loud, get something that’s five nines copper and at least ten gauge. 
Also, have you considered your source power cords? I switched the stock cords that came with my streamer power supply and CD transport with $300 Audience F3 cords and I heard a difference in both devices.