Power cords: Kimber Kable Palladium

Anyone have experience with the Kimber power cords.

I read an Audio Bacon review suggesting they have great timbre and tonal qualities.

Looking for a PC for my DAC


I see you have been drinking the Kool Aid regarding power cords. Honestly if you must scratch that itch and throw money away just buy a Pangea PC for $90 from Audio Advisor. I did the same to use with my Dan Vincent 45 SET amp. That's the limit for how much I will spend on an AC cord. The wire maniacs will tell me that is too little and I must spend at least $500 on a PC to hear a difference. Bollocks!

mpomerantz - I have a Kimber PK-10 - Ascent w/ Gold connectors. I experienced increased resolution, depth, better bass.  There are some videos on this.  I have not used any other Kimber PC.


jasonbourne52 - The OP asked for input from those who have experience with Kimber PCs.  Your post is non-responsive.  If you don't have experience, you could find another thread to pollute.


jasonbourne52 = formerly roberjerman (4319 posts)

His modus operandi is to be the first to pounce on a power cord thread. Kind of weird to do it non-stop for 6 years.

I agree with maxima95 the Kimber PK-10 is great and I use it on my integrated amp. I would suggest you try a PK-12 or PK-14 as a DAC really doesn’t need a 10 ga. power cord. I use a PK-14 with my phono preamp.

BTW jason, I assume you mean a Will Vincent SET 45 a 2 watt amp, not Dan Vincent. I have found the Pangea cords tend to dull the sound.

Good thing electrical isn’t like plumbing, large pipe into small will increase the pressure. Given the same action then huge wire going into considerably smaller wire would have your component blasted all over the room. Tremendous sound for a few seconds lol. Never saw 8-10 gauge wire in a component. If it was necessary can you imagine living 50 miles away from a power station you’d have a tree trunk diameter cable coming into your house to run all..what garbage. I’ve 3 140 V Lincoln welders and they don’t require 10-12 gauge wire.

Whats the sonic character of the Kimber Kables PC?

Does it have good tonal character?


I would contact Jason Resser at The Cable Company.  I purchased a Synergistic Research power cord from him.

@jasonbourne52 ​The wire maniacs will tell me that is too little and I must spend at least $500 on a PC to hear a difference

sorry but $2000 is the minimum to spend before hearing a substantial improvement.​​​​​​