Power Cords for VAC 140/140 or 70/70 tube amps

I am looking to upgrade power cords on my VAC Renaissance 140/140 monoblocks.

Does anyone owning or using VAC's 300-B tube-based amps (the 140/140, the 70/70, the 30/30 or the 30/70) have any tips? I want something with excellent current delivery and that will not throw off the basic voicing of the amps.

Thank you in advance.
I use the Virtual dynamics power 3. It a cheap power cord ($65) but it's much better than the stock cord that comes with it.
I also tried the Power 3 mentioned above on my 30/30 Signature... It gave me a stronger bass and fuller lower midrange, but rolled off the extension on the highs considerably in my system. If you are looking for a cord that does not change the tonal "balance" much, but gives you a dramatic improvement, try the Elrod EPS3. It gave me a LOT more transient speed and overall clarity/detail, without any "heavyness", colorations, or roll-off. I tried all of the V.D. cables except for the Nite, and they all gave me a stronger bass, and as I upgraded to the top of the line they sounded a bit better, but each did something to the upper mids or highs that annoyed me with this amp. Hope this helps...
I have great results using Cardas big power cords for the 140 mono blocs. Khai Do
http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/cables/messages/82798.html This may help
Try the Audience PC. I'm using it for my VAC pre with great results.

I have the 70/70 III and I just bought 2 Elrod EPS-3 Signatures for it and it is absolutely amazing what they have done for that amp. I cannot recommend them highly enough! I have tried quite a few expensive, popular cords with the amp in the last month and nothing touched the Elrods....In fact, after hearing what they did for the amp I went ahead and bought the EPS-2 Signature for the Cary 306/200 which I run direct into the VAC and it is just unbelievable how those cords have improved my system. The rest of the system is AP Virgo III running Shunyata cabling and all running into a P1000 AC regenerator.
Initially had Elrod EPS-3 Signatures on my Vac's. But then tried a pair of BMI Whale Supremes and was simply blown away. The Supremes were more accurate and dynamic in every spector of the music than any of the Elrods. The vocals were natural and extremely pinpoint. I couldn't believe what the Supremes brought to my hi end system.
In addtion the Supremes work excellent on my Lamm amps.
Have built a dozen or so systems in the past 5 years. And kept 3 of them. And found the right power cords is an intrical part of being successful. The Whale Supremes are my favorite to say the least. With the Elrods, Sharks bringing up the rear.
Thanks to all. I went with Kimber PK-10 Gold in 6 ft. lengths and am quite happy.