Power Cords for TW Raven AC & Levinson 390

What are people using for PCs on their TW Acustic Raven AC motor controller? Not looking for anything silly expensive, most PCs I use are stock. Am also looking for a PC for a Levinson 390S.

I've been using a cord that doesn't seem to hold the plug very well on the TW's motor controller - I think it's inflexible so seems to pull away through time.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and input.

Spend on amp get a hospital grade Hubbel,Belkin or whatever for motor controller.Don't spend dough on Motor controller.Some might buy expensive PC's I think your better off putting it into interconnects or other areas of system.
Dont do it. Buy a better replacement mainly for the fit on the TT. Then, use that on the Levinson (if it fits of course) and see if you can hear a difference. If you think it sounds "better", then you will have more info to go on. If it doesnt sound "better", then spend 10X more on another PC and see if that sounds "better". Then, return it when you realize that the cost vs. performance for ridiculously priced cables isn't worth a damn. Damn, I need more coffee this morning. Please excuse my unusually finite recommendations today. I'm attacking every forum topic the same way today. Sigh.
I will completely disagree with the other posters. In just about every case, I've heard improvements placing a superior, higher-quality power cord on a motor controller, even the much-touted Brinkmann tubed power supply. It's a matter of improved conductivity and more efficient power delivery, ergo, higher performance.

The best thing to do is try any number of used cables offered here on Audiogon (and new ones with a reasonable return policy), and find what suits your system. This will reduce the risk of paying more for a bad choice, and you can resell quickly for the same price you paid.
I'm using a VH Flavour 4 on my Raven AC motor controller right now. Seems to hold well. I've also used a Lessloss and it's been fine too, (actually the Lessloss is more flexible and lighter than the VH so it might be a bit better option for the motor controller).

Neither were particularly expensive and just through trying different cords over the years I had some spares so I swapped out the crappy freebie one. I think it's worth getting something decent but not stupid expensive, (although I'm sure both of those I mentioned are by some peoples standards). Best of luck
Electraglide or Elrod im using Electraglide on my Levinson 390s and RAVEN AC1 With BLACK NIGHT Feet BLACK NIGHT POWER SUPPLY and BLACK NIGHT VTA ARM BOARD!!!You can pickup older Elecraglide cheap!! ENJOY!!
I tried some expensive cables on hand with my Raven one motor. I could'nt detect any difference, so I just use a cheap one now.