Power Cords for Tenor 75

I am currently using the Ensemble Megaflux power cords with my Tenor 75 WI amps. I had these cords prior to purchasing the amps. Anyone have experience with comparing different cords on these marvelous amps? Any suggestions on better cords that would yield obvious improvements? Please keep in mind that my budget is NOT unlimited.

Your comments (experiences) would be greatly appreciated.
Tried six high end cables. Nothing came close to the Omega Mikro cords. The synergy is stunning with the tenors!

i had tenor 75 wis and used elrod sig 3s pcs with them and the pairing was great.since then david has come out with his 'statement'pcs,that i currently use on my goldmund 29m,and it is much better then the sig series is,imo.don't settle on a pc until you have tried the 'statement'.
I love the match of the Harmonix Studio Masters in my system. Purchased, after a good audiphoolish buddy of mine, changed all his Elords for them. That was enough for me; plus I could, just, afford them. I was so happy with the cords that I, also, purchased their ICs. Wow! Anyway, they're not cheap, but significantly less than the Elrods. Something else to think about. peace, warren
Hello Warrenh;
Did your buddy changed Elrod Signatures or Statements?
Believe me, it is big difference between those two.

Regards, Jack.
The power cord should be no less than ten thousand dollars.Don't settle for inferior products with such a magnificent amp.