Power Cords for Spectral equipment

Hello again everyone. First off, thank you to everyone who responded to my post re/CDP isolation. Today, I am once again in need of advice in which I have little to no experience. I would like to hear your recommendations on power cords for my Spectral DMC 20 Series II preamp and DMA 200 power amp. I am currently using the stock power cords. I know from their website that Spectral recommends using MIT Z cords (I or II). Are there any other cords that may work better? I don't know if this is important, but I am using all MIT MI 350 Reference IC's and MH 770 CVT Twin speaker cable. Thanks.
MIT Z Cord II and a nice MIT Stabilizer MKII for amp......been Spectral user and I still think that MIT is the way to go. :D
I, too, have a Spectral DMC 20 II ruunning into a DMA 150. I use all MIT cables and ICs(350s & 770s) also. I'm running all these through a Z Center and only use Z Cord IIs for power cords. That's what Spectral recommends, but respected Spectral dealers do too! I'm sure there are better power cords out there, but these seem to do the job quite well and besides, they're quite reasonable in comparison to other cords currently on the market. I'm thinking that if I were going to spend big bucks on a power cord, I'd probably want it to be the one powering my Wadia 850. Does anybody have any suggestions?
IMO, the spectral/mit combination is the result of an economic conspiracy between the principals of the companies, as well as the expected self-dillusional subjectivism of the unfortunate purchasers of these products. i'd advise your trying fim pc's and doing a/b's with the most outrageously-overpriced versions by mit you can put your hands on. better, replace all the mit in your system and reveal how it congests and restricts the sound of which it is otherwise capable. BTW, if carl_eber is monitoring this thread: yes, i have heard mit in numerous systems in very good accoustic spaces, including my own listening room; it invariably manifests a fog or cloud that is quite peceptively removed when replaced with better wire, e.g., cardas, nbs, fim, etc.
Ucmgr- I have a Wadia 860 and the Powersnakes King Cobra powercord was an amazing improvment, it was shocking at how it improved literealy every aspect of the sound in a major way.
I agree with Cornfedboy, I hear the MIT fog in all of there wires. The FIM replaced my King Cobras because it is a better PC. MIT PCs are like a choke when comparing against the King Cobra. Ucmgr, Try a FIM in your Wadia and I bet your PC search will end.
Well cornfedboy, pretty strong opionion. I doubt MIT/Specral purchasers are self dillusional, that's such a broad generalization and stereotypical remark that I don't see how your opinion could have any merit. Usually when someone hates a product as much as you hate MIT it is usually more than an objective opinion. There are plenty of happy MIT users like myself who suffer through fog and choking because we are all apparantly self dillusional. The good thing is self dillusional customers get a 20% discount on Wednesdays on MIT wire.
Check out the current issue of Audio Critic's "Top Ten Lies in Audio Industries". I think Power Cord is one of them.
It sounds like Cornfedboy came to his conclusions by comparing MIT to the other mentioned cables. I think Cornfed is being of help by his conclusions. If you don't make the comparisons yourself then I am sure you can be happy with MIT. Do the comparison yourself and I am sure you will come to the same conclusion that Cornfedboy did. I think Cornfedboy's opinion has real merit. At least Cornfedboy did the A B comparisons and I figure that is why he can say what he says.
Chatbe, How do you know what is a lie if you don't investigate for yourself. Try one of the better PCs and find out for yourself what is true.
Brulee, I have AB'd several brands, Kimber, Cardas, Audioquest, and Tara to name a few. I don't get congestion and fog and MIT Z II doesn't "choke" my amp either and I've compared it to other brands as well, Synergistic, Cardas, EEL Ref. If you don't prefer MIT fine, that's your prerogative, but don't assume my taste is your taste.
Pops, how are you today? I would never assume that your tastes are the same as mine. If you like MIT after comparisons to other cables then you have made the right choice for you. I have done the same and came to a different conclusion. My point was Cornfedboy's opinion has merit as does yours.
Fair enough. Good day.
Hey Guys, I appreciate all your advice relative to a PC for my Wadia and Spectral equipment. Unfortunately, I live in a small town and the availability of the types of ICs and PCs around here is slim to none. I've heard that there's some company that has a library of these types of products and, for a fee, they will rent(loan) them so a buyer might be able to properly compare them in their own system. Has anyone ever heard of such a service?
Yes, Ucmgr, go to www.fatwyre.com, The Cable Company.
billspecfoc, I am a Spectral owner/ user since 1996. I used Original Z Stabilizer and Z II PCs for yrs. Recently the upgrade virus has hit me with a Fever. Really did not believe PCs would make much difference. Difference between stock Spectral and Z IIs were subtle at best. But since I have the "Fever" and am making an All Out Assualt on my Retirement System; I tried an MIT AC I on my Z Isolator HD - WOW!! So then I added (2) ZIII cords ( Isolator to DMA 360s ) WOW & WOW !!! 
On the WBF site there is a Spectral Forum. One of the members suggests Shuynata PCs. ack is longtime Spectral user and knowledgeable . Best wishes on your journey.
Thanks! for re-viving an older thread nkonor.

Yes, Spectral and M.I.T. are sonic matches. Happy Listening!
As a Spectral owner who owns some of each model I attest that the MIT Oracle powercords are a remarkable upgrade in my system. The older z cord 2 are very inferior all round. As your sound improves with isolation,eg Equitech 2Q's, and power conditioning, the z cord 2's are virtuably unlistenable. As an aside I would like to obtain an MIT Z Stabilizer 2.
The Oracle AC 3 power cords have been incredible bang for the buck wherever I've used them
including marked improvement with digital equipment. Joe Abrams sells here on Audiogon and has been a great resource for information and great prices on new and used gear.