Power Cords for Sonic Frontiers Gear

Just wondering what power cords are others using or suggest for some old Sonic Frontiers stuff.

SFL-2 pre amp
SFS-80 amp

any suggestions for a Rega Jupiter?

I used heavy guage 9' lenghts of Belden and frankly couldn't hear enuf, if any difference, between these and more costly stuff which would justify the cost. Try some, should cost less that $30 for a pair. At least you will have a bench mark for listening to the differences subsequent cables might bring. Spend the money you save on tubes. Changing out the drivers and power tubes in the amp, it can make big difference in the sound. :-)
"Hear's" what I like on my SF gear: Zu Cable- Bok and Audioquest- AC12. These are both excellent cables that are reasonably priced and you will definately notice a quieter, blacker background.