Power cords for PrimaLuna amps???

I will be the owner of a pair of PrimaLuna 7s (mono blocks). I'd like to hear some suggestions as to which power cords might be best. I've been told that the stock cords are poor sonically. I am poor financially, so if you could include new and used price I'd appreciate it.
My system consists of BAT 3i pre, Meridian CD, Music Hall MMF se, and Avalon Eclipse spkrs. I listen to LPs most of the time. Lots of jazz, lots of rock, some classical and world music.
Cheers to this great site and its members!!! Dems us.
I own the Prologue 2 and I've been using a Shunyata Diamondback for a while (which can be found for between $120-130 used). I've heard a lot of people have had success with the VH Audio Flavor 4 in Primaluna amps, also (these go for around the same price used, or a little less).