Power Cords for Pass Labs Aleph 0

Seeking advice fro present and past users of Aleph 0 amps:
I have been using the power cords that came with the amps because the IEC mains jack are deeply recessed from the back plate of amp thus making it impossible to connect the standard 15A female part of power cords of the kinds of NBS, Aural Symphonics. Please advice what I can do if I wish to try these power cords.
Shorten the belden cable as much as you can by connecting the other end with an male IEC adaptor. So that you can connect any kind of power cable you wish. I have done at this way to enjoy changing of cables.
I have been using a Custom Power Cord Company Model 11 with my Aleph 3. I think it uses a Schurter plug. Perhaps you could find a plug which works and have it mounted on the cable of your choice.
I've used Transparent and BMI Eel cables with good results on the Aleph 0. They fit as-is. Many companies will custom make a cord for you to fit...Synergistic Research offered to do so and I'm sure others will, too.