Power Cords for Parasound PLD-2000 Preamp?

Is the Parasound PLD-2000 preamp sensitive to different power cords? What aftermarket power cord would you most recommend for best sonic results with this preamp?
Also,does using the balanced outputs on this preamp make much of a sonic difference over the RCA outputs? If so, in what ways?
Hi Lanny,

If you are using the PLD-2000 stock cord, call Parasound and order a replacement cord for the HCA-2205AT 5 Channel Amp. It is a nice thick 12 guage cord, and it sounds real good with the PLD-2000. Cost is $55 plus shipping ($3).

The PLD-2000 is a balanced pre-amp, I don't know about the HCA-3500. Try the balanced cables. I use Moon Audio (Drubrew) XLR I-Cs between my PLD-2000 and HCA-2200 II, they are very nice and won't cost you a fortune. They may help with the harshness you were talking about before.

By the way, I tried out the ADCOM GFP-750 pre-amp. It was very clean sounding, but I went back to the PLD-2000. Much more musical to my ears.

Virtual Dynamics Power 3,best cord for the $$!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would recommend the Virtual Image Sledgehammer and/or Pile Driver power cables. I got rid of my Ensemble Megapower Flux's for these.