Power Cords for Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3 Integ.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with add on power cords for the musical fidelity nuvista m3 integrated. I am currently using the stock cord but am wondering whether it would be worthwhile to consider an alternative. My system consists of an Audiomeca Mephisto II transport and Ekianthus DAC as well as an Audiomeca Romance turntable and arm with Benz Ruby 2 cartridge. The electronics are the Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3 integrtaed amplifier (tube preamp transistor output). The speakers are Piega p8 ltd, a ribbon midrange tweeter with cone bass. The interconnects and speaker wires (biwired) are all Audiotekne as are the power cords and line conditioner with the exception of the M3. Thanks in advance for any comments

I really like the Custom Power Cord Top Gun. What is the power draw (watts) NOT the rated output of the amp? You may need a Top Gun + or a Top Gun Hifc. Happy Tunes!
I had the opportunity of listening to a Music Fidelity Nuvista with the BMI Shark. The Shark’s addition was very good, and I highly recommend it. The Shark can stand up with those that cost thousands more. Great bass and complete detail, lows, mids and highs at all levels, with no harshness.
If you gone with Audiotekne as the power cords,and i don't think you need to upgrade anything else at all.Just waste your money,and your ears can't go that far.
THanks for the comments everyone. The reason I still have the original powercord and have not gone with a power cord upgrade is that audiotekne did not make one with the same connector (it is an unusual one whose name I forget, it has 3 prongs but differently oriented than the usual connectors) and it is an unusual type (16 amp cord I think, and I must confess I don't know what that refers to). Thanks again