Power cords for ModWright SCD-XA5400es

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I just pulled the trigger on upgrading my stock Sony XA5400es with the ModWright mods.

For those of you that have done the mod, what type of power cords did you end up considering and ultimately using? Or did you stay with the stock cords? Are the power cords for the new separate power supply and the player the same brand/model?

Lawrence (Closdesducs)
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I would highly recommend the Elrod EPS-2 Signature.
I have this cord on my Modwright 999es and my friend has it on his stock 5400. We've both tried many different pc's, this is the best so far. Good luck.
I am using a Purist Audio Design CANORUS power cord with great results on my
ModWright Oppo 95.
Incredibly tight bass and nice imaging!!
I've not done the mod you're referring to, but I can't resist the opportunity to share with you the power cords I've been overwhelming pleased with:

The LessLoss DFPC Signature ($1149: the ones I use now), or the LessLoss DFPC Original ($595: began with these)

There are tons of user and professional reviews of these power cords out there, but, for what it's worth, here's my brief account:

- First and foremost: immediately and easily noticeable improvement in sound quality. Everything just sounds more real (among other things).
- Very robust: can be flexed any which way, and stays the way you want it to.
- Lightweight: the lightness made for easy installation and more importantly, doesn't throw my equipment off balance having sensitive footers.
- Brilliant aesthetics: what can I say, they look quite attractive.
- Superb customer service with Louis Motek from LessLoss.

Drop Louis Motek a line (info@lessloss.com): I'm sure he'd hook you up with some cords for an audition. He's quick to answer questions, too.

Just a note: Zmanastronomy mentioned the Elrod EPS-2 Signature. I've heard some good things about this power cord. A cautionary note, however: even if it could make your system sound fantastic, heads up to its weight and general inflexibility. Obviously you'll want a cord that doesn't just sound great, but one that won't compromise your system setup, too.

Hope you find something that works for you.


I've owned the Modwright 5400 for quite a while now. It's a giant killer and you'll be happy you pulled the trigger on the upgrade!!!

Most OEM power cords are inexpensive 16ga. junk. I replaced both power cords(sony & power supply) with inexpensive 14ga. Beldens and am very pleased with the improvements. Rather than pissing your money away on over-priced power cords, your money would be much better spent upgrading a couple of your wall outlets to 20 amp service. The sonic improvements will be far greater!

I'd definitely replace the stock umbilical with Dan's "Truth" umbilical. He discounts it if purchased with the mod and you'll get across the board improvements.
I had 2 MW Dacs and found Elrod Statement II and Shunyata Python CX PCs are excellent with them.

Currently using HiDiamond Power 3 on my new dac but suspect it will also work well with the MWs. From experience, PCs are as important as any components in your system for great sound.
I agree with the suggestion about the "Truth" Umbilical cable.

I like the sound of the Synergistic Research Hologram D on the ext power supply, and the SR Precision AC on the player. Your better cable should be used on the ext power supply.

For similar reasons, it's better to replace the 5AR4 rectifier tube before you try different 6SN7 output tubes.
Try an Audience power cord.
i have not heard every power cord that has ever been designed, but i have heard many. to my ears, my favorite is the ps audio lab--the original.

i am so confident of the sonics of this cord, that i would be willing to take part in a blind test, to confirm my preference.
See...everyone has an opinion and an a^^^^le to! Get a PC that will actually do something beneficial for your component..MIT, Transparent etc.. They will reduce the grundge from your AC line and allow for more dynamic contrast, grain free expressiveness!!
Go on the Cable Company's site.
They let you borrow cables and you can see which one will
sound best for your system.
Here's my $0.02 worth. I've been using Triode Wire Labs power cords. The value-to-cost ratio is very high in my opinion. The sound definitely improved as each new cord was deployed. Very happy with the product, quality service, and rapid response time. http://triodewirelabs.com/index.html
Thanks for the recommendations everyone! For those that replied, I'd appreciate a clarification as to whether you used your recommended PC in conjunction with your ModWright XA5400es or to some other component within your system. When I did see the a ModWright XA5400es at the RMAF a few years back and the Californa Audio Show a couple of years ago, I did see the units paired with either VooDoo or Wywire PCs. Anyone with firsthand experience?

Much thanks,
Lot's of PC's and they all sound a little bit different. I like PC's that can actually remove noise and grundge from the AC entering your components. The difference with those PC's will be increased low level detail and better microdynamic shadings and purer tone and less distortion.
I recently plugged a LessLoss original into the PS of the Sony and was surprised at how natural and full vocals became. It you have a tight and analytical sound and want a bit more warmth you might like this cord.
It has been my experience that the ModWright power supply is more responsive to power cord changes than the player per se. The VooDoo Audio Vector Dragon is very good going to the power supply on the ModWright Sony.
It would be interesting to hear some of the bigger companies' power cords...Transparent, Audioquest, Nordost or MIT...
Janfant, I suspect Dan Wright has run that experiment already. If he uses VooDoo at the shows, there is probably a reason.
I have a buddy who is going to lend me a couple of VH Airsines for a couple of weeks. That will be an interesting experiment. Possibly an expensive one as well. :)
Anyone wish to update this thread ?
I would be interested in reading about the gains made w/ PC on the 5400ES.

Happy Listening!
I'm using CH Acoustic X20 and have used Voo Doo Vector, Fire and Platnuim PC and they are great sounding cables...

TY- wig.

from above- I have always wanted to demo Elrod, Jorma, Oringo, Purist Audio...etc. There are so many cables/cords, so little time.
Happy Listening!
Hi wig,

A good friend of mine with a MW 5400ES (tube pre, H2O class D amps, Apogee Scintillas) recommends the PS Audio AC-10 and Cullen power cords with the MW. Says that both are "clean and open sounding". I had a PS Audio LAB PC years ago, but have no memory of its sound. The Cullen PCs are relatively inexpensive so may be worth a try.

Also considering the Cerious Technologies GE PC. I read where one Agoner had Cerious make an umbilical cord that he says sounds superior to the MW Truth umbilical.

Best to you wig,

May I suggest not JUST a power cord - but a complete Balanced AC Power Source...

Please forgive the forward nature of this post - but I would be remiss if I didn't recommend our product for your new ModWright.

Balanced AC Power will be a nice "difference maker"... 

Many thanks

Here to help...



The KLEI gPower2 AC power cable is excellent. Have a look at these links, maybe they will be helpful, also...
KLEI gPower2 AC Cable by SU
KLEI gPower2 AC Cable by Geoff Maloney (Aurealis Audio)
KLEI gPower2 AC Cable by Adam Cormack (Eden Audio)
KLEI gPower2 AC Cable by John Ransley (Totally Wired)

Mark - how does your Balanced AC Power Source work with the SR Powercell 10 UEF/FEQ?

yping - I will investigate the KLEIs.

Best to you both,

I'm personally note 100% sure of my answer here as I have not tried PC 10. 

We have a pretty large user-base now applying EQUI=CORE with SR products. I hear nothing but nice things.

My own personal opinion is Balanced it THE WAY TO GO. Removing the Common Mode Noise must be a good thing for everything "behind it"... 

Best wishes,

Thanks for the response Mark. I have been following the CPT thread and will seriously consider your products.

Best to you Mark,

Thanks Dave...

I would be happy to send you one of our E=C 50's to simply try on any of your Front End components... I'm serious of course and if you drop me a line we can arrange this together...



Here to help...

Best wishes,

Will do Mark.  Thanks.

TY- guys for updating this thread. It appears that we  all have multiple choices for PC(s).  Happy Listening!