Power cords for Modwright 999es

I am a new convert in power cords. Previously i have a synergistic ac master and cardas golden cord, they only enhanced my system slightly and my system had an treble that was occasionally unpleasant on violins. A hydra 8 fed from elrod eps3s completely fixed this problem and now the treble is airy, extended, and yet very continuous and non fatiguing. Additional benefits are 3D imaging, transparency & base.
Changing these two pcs in my system has clear and audible differences immediately. I put the synergistic on the umbilical power supply and the dynamics, base, soundstage increased significantly. I really hoped that pc don't work so i can have a simple cheap sys but they do.

The modwright 999es takes two power cords (one to cdp & one to PS), anyone have any good suggestions.

P.S. Sorry for inventing this thread after the pc for apl 3910. I just need some help.
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Dan Wright recommends the Revelation Audio Labs umbilical for the Modwright Sony 999ES. I'd start there, and then add a Revelation Audio Labs Precept II mains cable.
I already have the revelation umbilical. Is precept ii better than other popular choices: MiniKhan+, EPS2, Audience, MichaelWolf Source, VD nite?
I removed my Revelation Audio silver umbilical and put in the old copper umbilical and it made a great improvement in my system. I'm using a VD Nite on the player and a Top Gun on the power supply. These are all recomendations of member Jacytoy of DV 50 shootout fame. I'm going to try a TG Audio 688 when I receive it on my power supply.
It's system dependent. How else would you explain Dolfan's experience when the man who does the mods recommends one thing, and Dolfan experiences better results with another? Certainly Dan is recommending the RAL silver umbilical because he believes it's the best. Dan's too honest a guy to be blowing smoke.

Glai, it's been said hundreds of times in these threads. You have to try the cords in your own system with your own ears. I'd suggest cords from manufacturers who offer MBGs: Revelation Audio Labs, VH Audio, Michael Wolff, SignalCable. You should be able to find an excellent aftermarket cord from one of these guys.

I also agree with the TG Audio 688 suggestion. I personally use one of these cords, though not on my digital source.

If I somehow offended you I apologize. The Sony 999 ships with revelation umbilical, at least mine did, so I was simply offering an alternative that worked for me. I agree Dan is an honest guy and this is not inferring anything to the contrary. Heck, Dan got me the old copper umbilical to try.
Dolfan, absolutely no offense taken, and I apologize if my response came across as such. Clearly you prefer the copper cable. I was simply making the point that the effect of different power cords is system and user dependent. You listened to both and chose the one you liked. This is as it should be and illustrates the point that no recommendation made in these forums can be taken as gospel.
Both unbilical cord are good, the copper work for a
bright lean sounding system, the revelation is
good for dark sounding system,In my system the VD nite
is connected from the transformer to the Sony, the
Top gun is connected from the PSaudio 300,to the
transformer.Audience powerchord is also good.I agree
with Dolfan and Tvad.
I have The Revelation in my system which is rather warm and it sounds just right. Not to distract from the main thread but anyone have a recommendation on tubes for the Cd player. I have the Sony 999es and was using Cryo tung sols that were shipped with the player when i purchased them. Looking for something which will give me some more mid range detail. thanks..
I have an Audience e cord that was just upgraded to the SE on my MW 5400 and it works very well on my cd player; can't go wrong with Sylvania chrome dome, VT231 or W.
Qdrone & Wig,

good selection on the Audience power cord. I would test a regular Audience, Audience 24e and Audience 24SE. This will give your system the best possible sound.