Power cords for Martin Logan speakers??

what power cords are people using with there martin Logan speakers?? and what are your impressions.
I use the stock cords right now,do after market cords work better then the stock cords?
My budget would be no more then 200.00 for each cord.
Since ML's draw very little current, typically 5-10 watts to power up the speakers...Its really a matter of using a well designed PC that rejects RF and is quiet rather than able to havdle hi current demand. I used Harmonic Technology's Pro-Ac10 with good results on my older Aerius and SL3's. The Ps Audio labs cords, Cardas, Shunyata Diamondback's would probably be good also. I think you have the right idea in not spending too much for PC's in that application. IMO. Best of listening!-Ken
I have used the original Synergistic Research Master Coupler for ML SL3's in the past with great improvements. You should be able to find them used within your budget.
What worked best for my Logans was them being pluged into a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet with Prelude PC.
You can pick a Standard U/O up for around $200 plus a pair of Prelude PC for around $75 each and have a few bucks left! I beleive the U/O made more of a difference than the PC in my system.
On my Odysseys I tried first Absolute power cords with good satisfaction. Then switched to Virtual Dynamics power three (new version) and the result is very good. Don't think now to change power cords anymore.
We have many happy ML customers using the Cardas Twinlink Power Cord. Fully shielded, Teflon, 12AWG and it won't break the bank.
(from another post): I have CLS IIZ's and I've tried a variety of high-quality (some pretty expensive) PC's in different locations in my system -- including Audio Metallurgy, Aural thrills, XLO, Purist Venustas, and some custom jobbies.

After using progressively better and more expensive PC's in different locations, I have come to a few conclusions regarding the speakers, the CD transport, and the power amp:

Bigger is better! Namely, 9 and 10 AWG PC's always gave better sonic performance. Shielding is essential for PC's used with anything digital (in my case just the DAC and CD transport) but not necessary for amps. I don't know about the "antenna effect" of stats mentioned in an earlier post. My CLS's are powered with 10 AWG Aural Thrills silver PC's. They aren't shielded but have a ferrite bead on each end. In addition, there is a 8 x 12 inch sheet of Stillpoints ers cloth on the top of each electronics chassis. Going from the stock ML PC, to the XLO (12 AWG) to the Aural Thrills (10 AWG), the performance just got better and better.