power cords for linn ikemi ?

Anyone try different power cords with this player. I have read two different reviews one saying not to change the powercord and one saying they had good results when they did. Any help would be great thanks
Haven't (yet) tried any different power cords, but would suspect they'd do fine with this piece.

I just added one to my living room system, and spoke with Willie @ Linn in Jacksonville, FL. He told me that he felt power cords unnecessary, the unit should, however, NEVER be plugged into a power conditioner, or turned off for that matter. Part of the expense of this unit is in the power supply, making power conditioners not only unnecessary, but harmful to the units sound. This also goes for the new 5125 amps, and 5103 pre/pro.
Power cords do make a difference on the Ikemi but whether it is for the better is another question. I would recomend that you try a few and see if you like the change. Some I've tried have made an improvement, others were more like a trade off. Good luck!
heres the word from the linn helpline:
Thank you for your email to the Linn Helpline.
A Line conditioner shouldn't cause any harm to the performance of a Linn
product, as long as it is capable of supplying the necessary power for the
product. Whether it is necessary, or has any effect, is something that we
are not best placed to comment on. We take a lot of care with the design of
our products to ensure that they are capable of withstanding real life mains
situations and the Ikemi is very tolerant of a wide variety of mains
fluctuations, variations and imperfections. If the Powerscreen is capable of
supplying the necessary power for the Ikemi (~20W), then we can see no
problem with powering it via this device. The only issue that we would raise
is that these conditioners are not always necessary and may not provide any
benefit whatsoever.
Our advice would be to perform listening tests, using the Tune Dem, with the
Ikemi connected to the Powerscreen, then try it connected directly to the
mains and choose the method that sounds better. Also perform similar tests
with the power leads (try the lead that is supplied with the Ikemi and
compare it with the leads that you have) and, again pick the one that sounds
better. So I guess I will try a couple out thanks for your help.